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Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 will premiere in January

The second part from fourth and final season from the anime Attack the titans will return to Japanese television in January 2022 with the issuance of Episode 76 , which is titled “Danzai” (Judgment). This is confirmed by the Japanese chain NHK throught social media. In addition, before the premiere a special episode summary of the events that occurred in the first part of this final season.

The first part of the final season of Attack the titans It ended its broadcast on March 28 with the premiere of the sixteenth episode (episode 75 in general). This could be followed legally in Spain through the simulcast what offered Select Vision in its Web page on Original version with Spanish subtitles. The first three seasons also came to Spain from the hand of Select Vision. The distributor has already launched these first seasons on the market both in Blu-ray and in DVD, as well as their respective compilation films. The first part of final season it is scheduled to be on sale in the next edition of MANGA Barcelona.

Both the first part and the second part of the final season of Attack the titans are being led by Yuichiro Hayashi, after working on the animated series of Dorohedoro, Garo the Animation and Kakegurui; while Hiroshi Seko, who is in charge of writing the script. Seko already worked on the scripts of the previous seasons and was the author of the script of the novel of Attack on Titan: Lost Girls. Another name within the staff is that of Tomohiro Kishi (Dorohedoro, The monster next door), who is in charge of the character designs. MAP is the studio behind this final season of Attack the titans.

As far as the original manga is concerned, it was published on the pages of the magazine Bessatsu Shônen Magazine from Kodansha from 2009 to June 9 of this year, being compiled in a total of 34 volumes. For its part, Editorial Standard launched volume 33 on the Spanish market last June and hopes to put an end to the manga written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama also facing MANGA Barcelona. In addition to the original story, the publisher has also published several spin-offs related to the work.

Source: NHK