Attack On Titan: The main characters, ranked by their maturity

The absence of freedom and personal security takes its toll on everyone, regardless of age. Living with the eternal threat of the Titans hanging over one’s head is bound to bring people back to their survival instincts. Most of the main characters in Attack the titans They are children at the beginning of the story, so their childish behavior is not really a surprise.

Although some of them are relatively mature as children, others remain at the same level of naivety even after growing up. In fact, the protagonist of Attack the titans it could be an example of a lack of emotional development. That said, there is more than one character that can be considered mature, which shows that circumstances, dire or not, have limited influence on personality.

10 Eren Jaeger lets the world burn to satisfy his revenge

Eren is frozen in time, eternally reliving the events of the Titan’s attack that killed his mother. His bombast has little effect in most cases, given that he is not the only child who has lost his family, but the acquisition of the Attack Titan gives Eren the freedom to exercise his beliefs in a way that few characters can. .

Although Eren loves his friends, the fact remains that he insists on fulfilling his childhood wish to rid the world of the Titans, even if that means destroying everything else in the process.

9 Sasha Braus is known as the “potato girl” for a reasonattack on titan los personajes principales clasificados por su madurez 1

Sasha’s early childhood was filled with animosity towards those displaced by the destruction of the Wall of Mary, but her close relationship with her fellow Scouts allows her to emerge from her cocoon of fanaticism and develop a certain level of maturity.

That said, Sasha doesn’t care much for decorum, as evidenced by her voracious appetite and utter disregard for rules. The term “Potato Girl” perfectly embodies Sasha’s vibrant, yet naive, personality.

8 Annie Leonhart puts up an instant barrier when faced with problemsattack on titan los personajes principales clasificados por su madurez 2

Annie’s brusque demeanor and excessively distant nature stem from her experiences as a Marleyan warrior and her desire to reunite with her father. She’s considerably logical when it comes to her missions, which explains why she has access to the Female Titan in the first place.

Unfortunately, Annie’s first reaction to seemingly unsolvable riddles is to cloister herself behind an unbreakable barrier, both emotionally and literally (in the form of a Titan crystal).

7 Reiner Braun’s morale seems to change with the tideattack on titan los personajes principales clasificados por su madurez 3

Reiner only gets his position as Attack Titan because Marcel convinces the Marley authorities that his young brother Porco would not be a suitable shape-shifter. This revelation is almost instantly followed by Marcel’s death, pushing Reiner into a spiral of guilt and self-hatred from which it takes years to emerge.

As a result, his actions on Paradis are psychologically inconsistent: Reiner’s righteousness seems to change with the tide, showing that he doesn’t really know what he’s doing or who he’s fighting for.

6 Jean Kirschtein fights to the endattack on titan los personajes principales clasificados por su madurez 4

Although Jean would like everyone to believe that he is a selfish man who wants to be in the Military Police for the money and the security that the job provides, he is truly one of the most loyal characters in Attack on Titan.

Jean immediately falls out with Eren because his optimistic philosophy drives him crazy; their hostility even goes to a fight. However, despite everything, Jean remains with the scouts until the end, hugging Connie as they both wait for the gas from the Lightning Centipede to transform them into Titans.

5 Levi Ackermann ensures the well-being of his team at all timesattack on titan los personajes principales clasificados por su madurez 5

Levi’s finesse in combat is undeniable, as is his leadership ability. Not only does he get personally involved in battle, unlike various army superiors who prefer their subordinates to do their dirty work, but Levi also ensures the well-being of his team at all times.

On the other hand, his manic compulsion for cleanliness and his generally aloof character show that Levi continues to treat his heart as something to be protected at all times. Fortunately, he seems to be more comfortable with the world three years after the Rumbling.

4 Hange Zoë allows anger and hatred to pass through themattack on titan los personajes principales clasificados por su madurez 6

Hange’s scientific method, and by extension his entire character, may seem unconventional, but his rational approaches are always tempered with more than a hint of compassion. They regularly check in with their peers, offer their eccentric advice freely and are a pleasure to be around.

Hange suffers the same horrors as all the inhabitants of Paradis, but decides not to direct his anger against the Titans, believing that they are mere mindless monsters who should not be held morally responsible for their actions.

3 Mikasa Ackermann does not boast of her many achievementsattack on titan los personajes principales clasificados por su madurez 7

The murder of Mikasa’s parents is a turning point in her life as she meets Eren, a person she will come to love more than anyone else, often to the point of being overtly biased. Despite this, her love for Eren and the need to protect him is what pushes Mikasa to reach higher and higher heights, until she becomes the best of her class in the Scout Regiment.

However, she doesn’t like to brag about her achievements, so Mikasa prefers to avoid any kind of attention. That said, Eren does find his mother-female tendencies a bit excessive at times.

2 Erwin Smith’s intelligence includes the logical and the emotionalattack on titan los personajes principales clasificados por su madurez 8

Erwin Smith’s power comes not from political intrigue, but from trust. As painfully logical as it is, it understands that camaraderie can only exist when all members of a regiment are treated equally.

Emotional intelligence is an important part of Erwin’s character, and it drives almost every decision he makes in his life. He is always the first to lead the charge of battle or plunge into dirty politics, proving beyond a doubt that Erwin Smith’s determination is literally unshakeable.

1 Armin Arlert’s empathy is radical, even if he is the last to noticeattack on titan los personajes principales clasificados por su madurez 9

Armin is shy, weak, timid, maybe even scared, but he is the only one who punishes himself for the weaknesses he perceives in his character. Mikasa and Eren can see through their friend’s meek facade, and they appreciate very much who Armin really is.

Armin is slow to find himself, but dealing with a ruthless Eren in the midst of a global genocide requires more patience than any other character is capable of. Attack on Titan. Armin’s empathy is radical, although it is sometimes overshadowed by his supposedly negative traits.