Attack on Titan: The main members of the study corps, ranked by their maturity

The Survey Corps of Attack On Titan are a group of elite soldiers who are above the rest of the factions in terms of skill. It could be assumed that this makes the members of their ranks incredibly mature, and while some are, even Levi notes that they are more like a group of eccentrics with diverse personalities working together for common goals.

Most appear incredibly mature at first glance – a glance at Erwin or Levi suggests that they are cool soldiers who are calm and mature enough to stick with the mission at all times. However, this can often be a cover for a more self-centered or aggressive character, and many of the 104th Corps cadets who join them later end up being more mature than their older members.

10 Keiji is a loyal soldier, but he’s volatile and easily angered

Keiji is a high ranking officer within the Inspection Corps, under the leadership of Hange Zoe. He is a loyal soldier whose position within the group should never be questioned, but this is sadly the depth of his maturity.

Keiji possesses a volatile and violent personality, and is incredibly frustrated when Annie is sealed inside a crystal, attempting to forcibly break it while cursing her. He is also somewhat impatient, which is not a good trait for taking on the Titans.

9 Keith’s ego makes him look down on others, although he later realizes his shortcomings and resignsataque a los titanes los principales miembros del cuerpo de estudio clasificados por su madurez 1

Keith was the commander of the Survey Corps before Erwin, and has a self-righteous personality, believing that he reigns above other average humans. After repeated failures as a commander, he begins to realize that he is not as conceited and gifted as he thought.

Keith ends up resigning and becoming an instructor, making him the only Corps commander to appear resigning rather than dying. He is observant, able to determine what kind of people the 104th Corps cadets are and to exploit their weaknesses to inspire fear.

8 Erwin is portrayed as a serious and calculating leader, but is genuinely self-centered and reluctant to lay down his life for othersataque a los titanes los principales miembros del cuerpo de estudio clasificados por su madurez 2

When Erwin is first introduced, he is portrayed as a brilliant leader and a clever strategist that all members of the Survey Corps look up to, including the rebellious Levi. He is able to accept the reality of the world while still fighting for a better future for all humanity despite the sacrifices, or so it seems at first.

In reality, he has a much more self-centered view, believing that his own ambitions are more important than those of the Corps in attempting to win back Wall Maria. And although he does abandon his dream in the end, he is not as dedicated from the beginning as many others.

7 Mike is a brave and tactical leader who believes in the freedom of humanity but also has his eccentricitiesataque a los titanes los principales miembros del cuerpo de estudio clasificados por su madurez 3

Mike is brave and tactical, and is considered a great leader by others. He is deeply loyal to the Survey Corps and is one of the few characters who is confident in humanity’s survival, and claims that they will only lose if they stop fighting.

He shows courage in the face of danger and willingly takes risks for his companions, as demonstrated when he faces large numbers of Titans to give his group time to escape. However, it has a great eccentricity, and it is that it invades the intimacy of those it meets for the first time to sniff them incessantly, which leaves an impression at least strange.

6 Levi is a skilled soldier and accepts reality, but has an independent and violent streak due to his pastataque a los titanes los principales miembros del cuerpo de estudio clasificados por su madurez 4

Levi is often heralded as humanity’s strongest soldier, and it’s not that he doesn’t have any praiseworthy skill. She shows a lack of restraint when it comes to inflicting violence on others, such as when she goes overboard by hitting Eren during the trial, and she showed clear enjoyment in making the Female Titan suffer.

Although he is calm in front of Titans, he is prone to losing his temper when it comes to dealing with others. He is seen yelling at Historia and even strangles her and tells her to confront him if she has a problem with her decisions.

5 Hange is eccentric and somewhat unhinged, but still a capable leaderataque a los titanes los principales miembros del cuerpo de estudio clasificados por su madurez 5

One of the defining characteristics of Hange is his intelligence, which serves them both as the subsequent commander of the Survey Corps and for their scientific investigations with Titans. They have been shown to be incredibly empathetic to others as well as strategic, and this combination makes them good leaders.

However, the other side of their personality prevents them from reaching a higher position, as it is their most eccentric and unhinged side. They show an almost evil side towards Sannes, showing that they delight in causing her pain and joking sarcastically while doing so.

4 Armin is a brilliant strategist, but can sometimes give in to attacks of doubt.ataque a los titanes los principales miembros del cuerpo de estudio clasificados por su madurez 6

Armin’s strategies prove invaluable throughout the series. One of the most notable examples of this is when he saves Eren’s life by coming up with a speech on the fly, convincing others that Eren was not an immediate threat to humanity and could instead be used to their advantage. .

Throughout the series there are many occasions when Armin’s quick thinking keeps everyone safe, or at least ensures the best possible result. The only drawback is that it is prone to serious moments of doubt, and in the universe of Attack On Titan , a moment of hesitation can mean death.

3 Mikasa is calm under pressure and keeps her group together, but loses her cool when it comes to Erenataque a los titanes los principales miembros del cuerpo de estudio clasificados por su madurez 7

Mikasa reveals the presence of an excellent soldier, very skilled at taking down Titans and staying calm under pressure even if her life is in danger. However, what keeps her from being the perfect soldier and the most mature member of the Corps is her tendency to throw all of this out the window when it comes to Eren.

Mikasa owes her life to Eren after he saves her from being sold and is taken in by her family, but she overreacts and goes so far as to disobey orders if he is involved. She is even willing to completely despise her own life and almost give up living after Eren is left for dead, showing her fragility of will without him.

2 Moblit is responsible, often the one who ends up keeping Hange out of troubleataque a los titanes los principales miembros del cuerpo de estudio clasificados por su madurez 8

Moblit is Hange’s assistant, but he is also often responsible for preventing his more eccentric side from taking things too far. He is intelligent and responsible, which is why he is entrusted with the task of taking care of them.

He is able to handle stressful situations well without losing his cool, and although he is shown to have moments of panic while rescuing Hange, he does not allow it to affect his work. The best example of this is when he has to pull Hange to safety when they get too close to inspect a captured Titan.

1 Jean becomes a strong leader, capable of empathizing and making sacrificesataque a los titanes los principales miembros del cuerpo de estudio clasificados por su madurez 9

Jean experiences greater character growth than almost every other character in the series. He starts out as a character eager to save his own skin and avoid fighting or working, then leading others with a sense of empathy, willing to put his own life on the line if it means others will be saved.

The best example of this is when Jean tries to confront the Female Titan to buy time and keep her away from the main group, knowing how many lives would be lost otherwise. She is able to take charge and bring others together while caring for their lives rather than valuing her own, demonstrating the profound change she experiences.