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Throughout 11 years the anime of Attack on Titan taught us how devastating the powers of the Nine Changing Titans can be. But which is the favorite titan of them all for their fan community in Japan? Variety show NHK released this response after launching a survey involving 3,000 fans of the animated series.

The program dedicated to Shingeki no Kyojin also featured the participation of the seiyuus of the protagonists Eren Jaeger (Yuki Kaji), Mikasa Ackerman (Yui Ishikawa), and Armin Arlert (Marina Inoue). while sharing the results of this poll and answering some questions from their fans via Twitter.

9. Cargo Titan

The titan belonging to Pieck Finger makes up for his poor fighting ability with the highest transformation time durability among the nine titans. Its user can spend days (or even months) transformed.

Photo: NHK

8. Beast Titan

An imposing titan that goes beyond 15 meters in height and is characterized by being covered by hair similar to that of a primate. Its bearer Zeke Jaeger wields it with excellent aim to throw objects and is able to create new titans with the help of his scream.

Photo: NHK

7. Jaw Titan

The titan is the smallest of the 9 titans, it enjoys great agility, and its bearer Porco Galliard can use his hardening to form a pair of powerful claws and fangs that earned him the title of “Jaw”.

Photo: NHK

6. Founding Titan

Although he has little time in the anime, the appearance of the Founding Titan marks the extinction of the human race thanks to his ability to control the 10 thousand colossal titans, as well as manipulate the entire Erdian race. The current bearer of it is Eren Jaeger.

Photo: NHK

5. Armored Titan

As one of the first changeling Titans, the battleship made its name from the first season when it brought down the wall to the Shiganshina district using its body covered in thick fur that protects it from even cannon or blade bullets. The current bearer of it is Reiner Braun.

Photo: NHK

3. Warhammer Titan

The Warhammer has the unique ability to manipulate the shape of the hardening to create weapons or dangerous spikes capable of passing through the body of titans with great ease. The former carrier of it was Lara Tybur and now it is manipulated by Eren Jaeger.

Photo: NHK

3. Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan was the first titan that all anime fans saw while knocking down with a simple kick the Maria Wall that protected humanity from the rest of the titans. The 50 meter tall of him was controlled by Berthold Hoover and currently the bearer of him is Armin Arlert.

Photo: NHK

2. Female Titan

The first female titan to appear beat up the protagonist while he was transformed into a titan. She was the main antagonist at the end of season 1 and after her return in the final season of the anime her popularity has returned. The current bearer of it is Annie Leonharth.

Photo: NHK

1. Attack Titan

“The Attack Titan takes the popularity poll not only because of his newfound ability to “peek” into the future. The revelation of this titan being controlled by the protagonist of the series (even without knowing it before) was one of the most remembered moments in Attack on Titan.

Photo: NHK

Who are your favorite titans from Attack on Titan?


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