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The Colossal Titan is undoubtedly one of the most impressive monsters we have seen in the series of Attack on Titan and this time we were able to trace the origins in the creation of this character created by Hajime Isayama, in an interview with the mangaka published in the “Attack on Titan artwork and design book No. 43″, published in May 2018.

In the words of its author, the Colossal Titan served to become “THE REFERENCE” of the fans to identify the series. Although the nine titans They boast amazing designs and abilities, none of them made as much of an impression as the appearance of the monstrous 50 meter titan that endangered humanity since episode 01.

The first impression counts a lot | Photo: WIT Studio

Creating the Colossal Titan

Of course and as in all character creations, this titan was carefully made up by Isayama himself. Something interesting to highlight in his words are the details that relate the titans to humanity and the impact this idea has on the reader.

The Colossal Titan’s debut in chapter one can be seen as the soul of the entire series: a gigantic, skinless monster terrorizing humanity within a village; however, the eyes of that monster also resemble those of a human being: I gave it very thick double eyelids and such large and expressive eyeballs. The rest of his physique is terrifying and artificial, but because that connection existed, the Colossal Titan naturally became more realistic.

But beyond its appearance, the Colossal Titan represented the main axis for the whole series to take off; not only standing out from hundreds of sleeves that are published in Japanese magazines, but also as an attractive image for readers and sponsors who show interest in its design (and the universe to which it belongs).

Eight years ago, when I first achieved serialization, I understood very well that “no one will pay attention to a novice’s manga, and its interruption might be inevitable.” Under such an understanding, I entertained the idea that whenever someone mentions Shingeki no Kyojin, they should think of THAT thing. Therefore, I decided to create an icon for the series first, and that’s how the Colossal Titan came about. To me, a shonen manga can no longer survive without these more marketable elements.

There is no way to ignore a 50 meter titan | Photo: Domino’s Pizza Japan

What did you think of the story behind the creation of the Colossal Titan of Attack on Titan?

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