Attack On Titan: Top 10 Fritz Fights

The Fritz family tree includes some of the most important and powerful characters in Attack the titans. Without them, the Titans would never have existed nor would their power have been passed down to their descendants, such as Zeke and Frieda, who inherited the Beast and the Founding Titans.

Over the centuries, the Fritz family has proven many times how strong they are, changing the world by starting wars and killing thousands of people. However, there are other members of the Fritz family who changed the world in better ways, such as trying to protect the Elders or showing mercy to their enemies. Here are the best battles Ymir, Karl, Uri, Rod, Frieda, Historia and Zeke fought in.

10 Zeke was almost killed by Levi when they met

When Zeke went to Paradis, he killed many members of the Survey Corps. However, he was unable to kill humanity’s strongest soldier, Levi Ackerman. In fact, Zeke nearly lost his life to Levi. The only reason he didn’t do it was because his comrade Pieck was able to save him when Levi hesitated. After this, Levi and Zeke became each other’s greatest enemy and met again many other times throughout the series.

9 Frieda tried to stop Grisha from inheriting the Founding Titanattack on titan las 10 mejores peleas de los fritz 1

Grisha had originally lived in Marley, where he married Dina Fritz. At the time, he never expected that he would one day kill his relatives, but after she was injected with titan serum and he inherited the Attack Titan, he knew that the next thing to do would be to take over the Founding Titan.

When Paradis was attacked and the royal family did nothing about it, he fought Frieda to inherit the Founding Titan. Although she fought well, he ended up winning the fight and killed her, as well as her mother and most of her siblings.

8 Uri decided to befriend Kenny instead of killing himattack on titan las 10 mejores peleas de los fritz 2

Sometimes the best way to end a fight is to show mercy to the enemy. Uri knew it and during his battle against Kenny, he decided not to kill him. This caused the two to work together and end up becoming best friends.

This also gave Kenny a reason to change his ways, going from being a murderer to becoming an army captain. Rather than perpetuate the hostilities against the Ackerman clan that his ancestors started, Uri became a better person by learning from his mistakes.

7 Story had to fight the citizens of Ragako that Zeke turned into Titansattack on titan las 10 mejores peleas de los fritz 3

Zeke and Historia were enemies before they knew they were related. He even tried to kill her indirectly when he turned the citizens of Ragako into Titans and had them attack the Survey Corps. Historia, along with Ymir, Connie, Reiner and Bertolt, was able to take on these titans for a time, but was near death until Ymir revealed that she was the titan of the jaw and the Inspection Corps came to her rescue. .

6 Zeke helped defeat allied forces in the Middle Eastattack on titan las 10 mejores peleas de los fritz 4

After leaving Levi and returning to Paradis, Zeke and the rest of the Warriors concentrated on their battle against the Allied Forces of the Middle East before fighting the Study Corps again. If it weren’t for Zeke, Marley probably wouldn’t have defeated the Allied Forces of the Middle East, as he was able to transform a group of Eldians into Titans who attacked the enemy while he took out the armada.

5 Story killed Rod and became the queen of Paradisattack on titan las 10 mejores peleas de los fritz 5

Historia had a hard life, unaware that she was a member of the Paradis royal family. However, once her father Rod needed her to inherit the Founding Titan, he attempted to manipulate her into thinking that he cared for her.

Luckily, she took notice of his performance and, out of desperation, turned into a Titan. She ended up killing him when she attacked civilians, causing them to respect her as their new queen, even though they didn’t know her until then.

4 Zeke turned Levi’s teammates into Titans and fought him againattack on titan las 10 mejores peleas de los fritz 6

When Zeke pretended he wanted to help the Inspection Corps, they took him to Paradis and watched him closely. However, he was able to trick some of the soldiers into drinking his cerebrospinal fluid and waited for the right moment to turn them into Titans.

Once he did, Levi was forced to kill his companions. Mankind’s strongest soldier and the Beast Titan fought each other once more, and although it seemed like Levi was winning the fight, Zeke was able to defeat him in the end.

3 Fritz used Ymir to empower Eldia for centuriesattack on titan las 10 mejores peleas de los fritz 7

Centuries before characters like Historia and Zeke were born, Ymir Fritz became the first Titan while being hunted by King Fritz. However, after realizing how much he could achieve using it, Fritz married Ymir and used it to defeat his enemies. After she died, Fritz made her daughters eat her so they could inherit her powers. This cycle continued for hundreds of years, and the Eldians ruled the world.

2 Karl started the Great War of the Titans to atone for the actions of his ancestorsattack on titan las 10 mejores peleas de los fritz 8

Knowing that his ancestors were wrong to torture other races, Karl allied himself with the Tybur family to start the Great War of the Titans. During this war, Eldia lost seven of the Nine Titans and Marley was able to obtain them.

The Tybur family were viewed as heroes by the rest of the world and were able to keep the Titan Warhammer, while Karl brought a group of Eldians to Paradis and used the power of the Founding Titan to make them forget their history. Although this created other conflicts, Karl was able to atone for the terrible things his ancestors had done to non-Eldians.

1 Ymir and Zeke played a major role in the rumbleattack on titan las 10 mejores peleas de los fritz 9

When Zeke and Eren entered the Coordinate, they fought for Ymir to make his goal come true. Eren got her to help him start the Rumbling, killing thousands of people. When the Marley Warriors and the Study Corps managed to reach Eren, they had to fight the previous heirs of the Nine Titans, most of whom were members of the Fritz family.

Armin was captured and taken inside the Coordinate, where he made Zeke realize that life had a meaning. As a result, the previous heirs of the Nine Titans were freed from Eren’s control, as well as Ymir, who had been controlled by the Founding Titan’s heirs since he first went to the Coordinate. As the Warriors and soldiers defeated Eren, Zeke decided to die with his family, allowing Levi to finally take revenge.