Attack on Titan: top 7 of the most popular titans of Shingeki no Kyojin

The anime series, which came from 2013, to be among the favorites among its followersbecause since its creation, the animated series Shingeki no Kyokinbetter known as Attack on Titanhas taught us a series of incredible monsters with a devastating power, because the powers of each one are so destructive, that even the weakest could destroy what is in their path, that is why, today, we have put on the mission to show you a Top 7, of the most popular in anime.

It should be noted that the results of this survey are based on what the followers of the series in Japan responded, since a local television station called NHKI conclude your results based on which is your favorite and why, emphasizing that this survey was made to you 3,000 followers of the anime seriesand this are the results.

1. Attack Titan:

This Titan takes first place, as his popularity has grown handsomely thanks to his newfound ability to look into the future, that’s why this titan being controlled by the protagonist of the series, became one of the most iconic in the anime.

2. Female Titan:

The first female titan, she was the main antagonist at the end of season 1 and after her return in the final season of the anime her popularity is back, her current carrier is annie leonharth.

3. Colossal Titan:

He was the first titan that we saw in the anime, which placed him in an important place for all followers, because with just one kick he brought down the Wall that protected humanity from the rest of the titans, he is 50 meters tall and his current carrier is Armin Arlert.

4. Warhammer Titan:

This Titan has the ability to manipulate the form of hardening, with which it can create weapons or spines that are even capable of passing through the body of titans with ease, its carrier was Lara Tybur and now it is manipulated by Eren jaeger.

5. Armored Titan:

One of the first changeable Titans, the battleship made its name from the first season when it brought down the wall using only its body covered in thick skin that protects it from even bullets, knives, and practically anything, its current wearer is Reiner Braun.

6. Founding Titan:

He has little time in the anime, his appearance makes us believe that it will be the extinction of the human race, because his ability to control the 10 thousand colossal titans, as well as manipulate the entire Erdian race, make him the greatest of dangers , its current bearer is Eren jaeger.

7. Jaw Titan:

This titan is the smallest of the titans, but thanks to its size, it enjoys great agility, in addition to its carrier Porco Galliard he can use his hardening to form a pair of powerful claws and fangs that earned him the title Jaw.