Attack on Titan VR, the awesome free-to-play fan game in Unreal Engine 4 for PC viewers and Meta Quest is updated and even more awesome

Attack on Titan VR is a free game that is succeeding among anime fans. Don’t miss out on this title that further improves the experience after its latest update.

Virtual reality allows experience all kinds of situations leading the immersion within each gameplay. We have seen all kinds of projects that promise and fulfill that same objective over the years and today it is time to talk about another one.

If you dreamed of using a three-dimensional maneuvering team and swing between buildings and walls like in Attack on Titan, you can’t miss this game that has aroused the passion of manganime fans.

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A named user Slavkaskola has created a free game called Attack on Titan VR through the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, which will delight any lover of this series thanks to a gameplay that seeks to emulate the maneuvers and movements that we see in each chapter.

While it is true that this game has been available for some time, the recently released new version has re-polished many aspects who had been lame at the time.

In case you don’t know him, this title offers a combat experience against titans and exploration through different environments that we see in the Attack on Titan franchise.

Pulling virtual reality, the game immerses us in that world and allows us to experience what it is like to move with the maneuvering team.


Attack On Titan VR Build 6 Teaser Trailer

To this feeling is now added a main menu, a tutorial and a spectator camera. And it is not the only thing that is added in this update, since we can enjoy voices for the main characters, as well as various locations from the anime and manga.

And at the playable level, we can also ride a horse and change titan if we ask for a character that can become one.

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All this taking into account that it is free. Although graphically it doesn’t stand out, its gameplay is convincing and it’s available for PC and Meta Quest viewers.

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