Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable announced for Meta Quest 2

Developer UNIVRS is working on a new game based on The attack of the Titans. It’s called Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable. It will be a virtual reality experience aimed at capturing the feeling of taking on the Titans from a first-person perspective. UNIVRS has launched a trailer for the game, which will be released in summer 2023 on Meta Quest 2.

Check out the trailer below.

The Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable The teaser shows nothing but text and logos, but UNIVRS calls it a “hunting action game.” It will focus on sending players flying around the city to fight the Titans, just like in the The attack of the Titans manga and anime.

In The attack of the Titans, characters battle giant Titan creatures by donning special “Omni-Directional Maneuver” (ODM) gear. The equipment consists of a set of special harnesses attached to a gas thruster and a pair of launchers that launch grappling hooks connected to high tensile strength wires. Soldiers are then able to grapple and move in any direction to get close to a Titan’s neck, its only weak point. The soldiers then use swords to open the neck and kill the Titan. Other versions of ODM gear had grappling hook launchers mounted in the hands (rather than the waist), and could mount rifles and primitive rocket launchers, for use against human enemies.

UNIVRS’ effort won’t be the first game to attempt to replicate this style of mid-air swing and grappling, however. VR games like windlands and various unofficial Spider Man games (and Spider Man-thematic mods for titles like Bone Lab) bring approximations of sway-based traversal to VR headsets.

Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable launches for the Meta Quest 2 in summer 2023. Omega Force and Koei Tecmo produced the non-VR attack on titan 2 in 2018 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One.