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Between the characters of Attack on Titan, the Ackermans stand out above all thanks to the incredible fights they have offered against any type of titans, which has made more than one wonder if this power is the mere product of their accumulated experience or if it is actually some kind of secretly acquired skill. The answer is more complex than you might think, and here we reveal the truth.

Machines designed to protect the King?

The truth is that both Levi and Mikasa Ackerman they are so adept at handling the Three-Dimensional Maneuvers Team because They are the last descendants of a powerful clan of warriors dedicated to the protection of Ymir Fritz., the ruler of the Empire of Eldia. The Ackerman clan is the result of the experiments that Fritz himself carried out mixing the genetics of the titans with that of the descendants of the Founding Titan.

An offspring created to protect the King | Image: Wit Studio

In this way, the descendants of the Ackerman clan can be as strong as a Titan, while retaining their human forms. But nevertheless, In order to possess this power, the subject in question has to follow the following condition to the letter: protect a “special” person.

The origin of this condition lies in the fact that Ymir Fritz bestowed such powers on the Ackermans with the intention of getting some powerful little protectors. In this sense, when an heir to the clan sees the person he considers “special” (in this case, an analogue of the King) in danger, his physical strength increases disproportionately, and his psyche blocks any stimulus that is not directly related to with its main objective: to save him.

The last survivors of the Ackerman clan | Image: Kodansha

The Ackerman clan was ideologically opposed to King Fritz, so many members of this huge family ended up being killed. For generations, his blood has been diluted little by little until reaching the present moment of the series, where only Levi and Mikasa Ackerman are the heirs of this historical tragedy.

And you, did you already know the origin of the power of the Ackerman?


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