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The characters of Attack on Titan more powerful are, of course, the Titans; However, even among these beings there are hierarchies, the most formidable of all those known as the changing Nine Titans. These beings, descendants of Ymir Fritz, differ from each other mainly in their sizes, some being able to measure just 4 meters, while others have reached heights of up to 60 meters.

Maybe you do not know their sizes, but do not worry, that We have ordered them for you from the smallest to the most gigantic of all.

Titan Freighter

This strange titan is the smallest of all, because It is only 4 meters tall. However, despite its small size (compared to beings of its kind), the Freighter Titan is extremely agile: an ability that allows it to move with ease and flee from the attacks of beings more powerful than it.

The smallest of all titans | Image: Wit Studio

Titan Jaw

This monstrous and violent titan is also within the range of the little ones, since none of its users was taller than 5 meters. Still, this mighty being was capable of standing up to titans bigger than himself, let alone the little humans, whom he could devour with atrocious fascination.

A being of barely 5 meters | Image: Wit Studio

Founding Titan

The Founding Titan, from Ymir Fritz and even Eren Jaeger never reached more than 14 meters in height, a not inconsiderable distance considering that it was three times bigger than the Titan Freighter.

It may not be the tallest, but boy is it one of the most powerful | Image: Wit Studio

Female Titan

Like the Founding Titan, the Female Titan in all its iterations it never exceeded 14 meters in height. Taking into account that this is what most of the Nine Titans measured on average, and considering the enormous strength and toughness of their skin, we can say that this size suited him like a glove.

A powerful and huge woman | Image: Wit Studio

Attack Titan

The Attack Titan, which as its name implies, was a master of offensives, was barely a meter larger than the Founding Titan and the Female Titan, possessing a total of 15 meters high.

A titan of average height | Image: Wit Studio

Warhammer Titan

The Warhammer Titan, Despite its 15 meters high, it managed to prevail against much larger enemies than him because of his body’s stamina, agility, and imposing strength.

As high as powerful | Image: Wit Studio

Armored Titan

The Armored Titan it also reached a height of 15 meters. This specimen is the most resistant of all, because its skin is like a layer of the hardest steel, which is why it received this nickname.

An imposing being | Image: Wit Studio

Titan Beast

This gigantic gorilla was slightly larger than most of the Nine titans, reaching a total of 17 meters high. Perhaps he was not exactly fast, nor did he have the best defenses, but still his destructive power is unmatched.

The second strongest titan of all | Image: Wit Studio

Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan is the largest of the Nine Titans, and by far! Well the truth is that this gigantic monster reached a height of 60 meters, being almost four times bigger than the second tallest titan on this list. Of course: this being was slow, quite, but quite slow.

The greatest of all titans | Image: Wit Studio

As you can see, among the Nine Titans we can find specimens of all sizes, and something that we can notice in this regard is that the bigger they are, the slower they move, although their range of attack is greater and more powerful.

And you, did you already know the heights of the Nine Titans?


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