Attack on Titan: When Saul Goodman Joined the Titans Anime

the creator of Attack on Titan is aware of the most representative series in modern culture, and there was an occasion where his universe (mainly characterized by its human-eating titans) welcomed the popular protagonist of Better Call Saul, Saul Goodman.

How? It turns out that during chapter 124 of the sleeve several of our erdian protagonists were slowed down by the appearance of “a titan with several very peculiar characteristics”, which made the fans determine that it was a Tribute to Netflix’s most famous lawyer.

Saul Goodman is the protagonist of the Serie Better Call Saul played by Robert “Bob” Odenkirk and who soon became popular for his connection to a prequel to the acclaimed series Breaking Bad. We can even see that the titan appears in a very similar position to the one Odenkirk performs in his role as the criminal lawyer.

Do the titans need a lawyer to defend them? | Photo: Netflix/ Kodansha

The appearance of the “lawyer titan” was not limited to the pages of the sleevewell episode 81 of Attack on Titan: Final Season – part 2 respected Isayama’s tribute to the protagonist, although it is likely that they have modified some references to avoid any kind of accusation. But without a doubt, the appearance of this titan within the animated series was quickly identified as the tribute that Saul Goodman had within the sleeve.

On the other hand the final season of Better Call Saul It’s already starting to air its first episodes on Netflix, so if you want to see how skilled this lawyer could be in defending Eren Jaeger, you’d better watch this series soon.


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