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Out of the characters of Attack on Titan, it is very likely that the most important of all is the mysterious Ymir Fritz: a figure from Eldian mythology who, despite not being one of the protagonists of the series, It is essential to understand both the imaginary of Hajime Isayama’s work, as well as the story that the mangaka developed.

This is the story of the mother of the Ymir people

Historically, Ymir Fritz She was the first of all the Titans, thus being known as the mother of the Ymir people. At first, this gigantic woman was nothing more than a laconic slave girl from the tribe of Eldia. On one occasion this young girl let several pigs escape from a pen, which provoked the ire of Fritz, the leader of the tribe, who as punishment gouged out an eye and ordered his men to chase her to a clearing in a forest with the intention to assassinate her.

Popularly, it is believed that Ymir made a pact with the demon to obtain his powers | Image: Wit Studio

En su huida, Ymir fell into a lake where he fell prey to the Source of organic beings: a kind of glowing centipede that clung to his back, granting him the power to become a Titan. In this way the girl, having adopted an incredible strength, finished off her pursuers, and Fritz, instead of trying to destroy her gigantic figure, decided to forgive her, allowing her to return to the village to make her his concubine.

Almost immediately Ymir would become the vanguard force of the tiny Eldian army, allowing the tribe to grow exponentially, becoming in a short time into a powerful empire. One of the territories conquered by Eldia would be Marley, a nation that would not give in so easily to the Eldian forces, so one of its soldiers would try to assassinate Fritz, causing that Ymir will sacrifice himself for his king and die in the process.

Fritz, fearing that Eldia would be invaded after the death of his concubine, He ordered his three daughters to devour the body of their late mother so that they could acquire the power of the Titans. This would be how the so-called people of Ymir would be born: beings capable of enormously increasing their size, also known as titans.

Ymir is one of the most important beings in Eldian mythology | Image: Kodansha

For centuries many stories have been told around Ymir, transforming his imposing figure into a fundamental part of the Eldia mythology, as well as the most remote antecedent of all the titans. Thus, its tragic and horrifying story has moved and terrified dozens of generations throughout the years within this Universe, being also one of the most fascinating stories among fans of the world. shonen and from his.

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