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Although Historia has been noticeably absent from recent episodes of Attack on Titanthe queen of Paradis made one last appearance at the end of the season that could have revealed to us why she gets pregnant before Eren unleashes Earth Rumble. Everything was planned from the beginning, because no end has escaped this one that could be his master plan.

The revelation that Historia was carrying a child in her womb occurred earlier in the series, long before the Jaegers rose up against the Paradis government. The question then was why he had decided to temporarily abandon his place on the throne. to give life to a descendant.

By this time the Recon Corps soldiers were returning to Paradis after their successful assault on the Liberio district, complete with Zeke Jaeger as a prisoner that would allow them to harness the power of the Founding Titan. The Paradis soldiers were unaware of Zeke’s Euthanasia plan, but they were very clear about what they would do with him once he reached Paradis: turn Historia into a titan and have her eat Eren’s brother. Eren of course couldn’t allow this, always dedicated to protecting the queen and repaying her debt to her for saving him from her.

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a foiled plan

In fact it was History who suggested that she could have a baby to thwart the plans of the Military Police commanded by Generalissimo Darius Zackly. If she was pregnant when Zeke arrived on the island of Paradis, it would be impossible for them to sacrifice her by turning her into a titan, or at least they would give them more time to follow Eren’s true plan: the rumble of the earth.

In the background what Historia wanted was to keep the island of Paradis safe from foreign threats. However when he learned that Eren planned to activate the Rumble to end all life outside the walls, he fervently opposed it. We are not sure that Historia was convinced by Eren to follow this plan, but that he forced her with no other alternative. After all, Eren could alter Historia’s memories to make it appear that she too agreed to the plan.

In sum, History gets pregnant in Attack on Titan to buy time and prevent Zeke from being immediately executed once he arrives on Paradis. However, this also allowed her to lead a relatively normal life, without being forced to become a titan herself to keep the Founder in the royal family as was the case in ancient times.


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