‘Attack on Titan’: Why the series has been canceled and its future possibilities

Photo credit: Hajime Isayama

Watch out! Spoilers for ‘Attack on Titan’ below

‘Attack on Titan’ fans have had quite a ride in the last decade. Ever since the anime first debuted nearly ten years ago on April 7, 2013, viewers have been forced to endure long gaps between seasons and even a major studio change for the fourth and final season.

Being an ‘Attack on Titan’ fan has been almost as heartbreaking as what these characters go through on the show.. But here we are, finally at the denouement, ready to see this epic story end on its own terms… Or is it?

Photo credit: Hajime Isayama

Photo credit: Hajime Isayama

By all accounts, episode 87, titled ‘Dawn of Humanity’, is supposed to be the final episode of ‘Attack on Titan’. Originally scheduled for March 27, toThe ending has been pushed back to April 3, meaning fans have yet to see how the story concludes on screen.. And that has left some viewers wondering whether or not the story will conclude.

The official synopsis shared by Crunchyroll certainly sounds like an ending of sorts: “Eren remembers what brought him to this moment, while his friends run to stop the noise”. And since season four has been officially designated the ‘Final Season’, all signs point to a conclusion. Officially, at least.

Unofficially, fans familiar with the source material suspect there may be more story to tell after episode 87.. And that’s because there’s actually a lot more story to tell.

The penultimate episode was based on the 129th chapter of the manga, but the manga as a whole ends with 139 chapters. Since each episode has covered roughly 1-2 chapters of the manga, it seems highly unlikely that the ending could cover that much ground with just one more episode. There’s a risk that ‘Attack on Titan’ could end up omitting large chunks of the source material, or worse yet, condensing it all into one terribly boring slideshow.. If you made it through and endured the ending of ‘The Promised Neverland’, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Anime fans who’d rather be eaten by a titan than go through all that again are in luck. During an interview with the magazine new typetranslated into English by Anime News Network, ‘Attack on Titan’ Producers Assured Fans Hajime Isayama’s Story Will Get the Ending It Deserves.

Photo credit: Hajime Isayama

Photo credit: Hajime Isayama

During said interview, Kensuke Tateishi, Toshihiro Maeda, and Tetsuya Kinoshita confirmed plans to adapt the manga to the end, instead of shortening the story. So what is going on? Why end ‘Attack on Titan’ now? Okay, the general consensus among fans is that episode 87 won’t be the final episode after all. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t the final season, either. If there isn’t a new season, then a full-fledged movie might as well finish the story.

Thinking of a new ‘Attack on Titan’ movie seems likely, particularly these days when other anime series such as ‘Demon Slayer’ and ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ have garnered huge success in theaters around the world. We are talking about record figures, particularly in Japan, so Imagine how successful an ‘Attack on Titan’ movie could be, especially if it turns out to be the final chapter..

It’s a smart move, because technically adding an extra movie or part to season four would mean no one was lying. Season four will really be the final season. There is simply more than we were led to believe. Or maybe, just maybe, episode 87 really does mark the end of this franchise. It remains to be seen if it will live up to all our gigantic and imposing expectations.. But no matter what happens, you should know that Eren would be proud of all this intrigue, whether it comes from the creators or just from fans like us as we formulate our own big plans for the franchise.