Attack on Titan will premiere the second part of its final season in January

Attack the titans O Attack on Titan release the next January 2022 the long-awaited continuation of the end of the first part of the third season after several months of speculation. This information comes to us through the official channels, which indicate that the second part will begin airing at the beginning of the year, although they have not yet confirmed the specific day. The first part of the final season premiered at the beginning of this year and was very well received by the most ardent fans of the series, who had the pleasure of tie many ends of the story that has been brewing since 2013 and they were shocked with its impressive cliffhanger.

As with the first part of this fourth and final season, the MAPPA animation studio return to take charge of animation, one of the fundamental aspects of this season that has liked and disliked in equal parts due to the difference with the style marked in other seasons. It should be noted that the manga of Attack on Titan, known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japan, it ended this past April, so it is advisable to avoid unofficial channels to avoid possible spoilers. The general opinion about the end of the story is divisive and there is some controversy, something that could have caused some changes in the end of the anime, although they may also want to remain faithful.

Also announced a special episode of Levi and Mikasa

In addition to the confirmation of the premiere of the second part of the final season, a special episode focused on two iconic characters from the series such as Captain Levi or Mikasa Ackerman. This episode will premiere sometime before the final season broadcast and will serve as a recap all the major events that have happened in history so far, something that of course be well appreciated by the fans. “Thanks for waiting! Part 2 of the final season will begin in January next year! From the large-scale battle in Shiganshina Ward to the story of the origin of the giant, we’re finally nearing climax. We are also taking on a lot of new challenges in terms of visuals, “details director Yuichiro Hayashi. Are you looking forward to the end of the anime?