Attack On Titan X My Hero Academia Cosplay Imagine Dabi’s Own Titan Form TechRadar

an awesome my hero academia cosplay surprisingly brought Dabi into the world of The attack of the Titans imagining the villain in his own Titan transformation! There’s no need to imagine that there are a lot of fans following these two massive franchises given their popularity. While the two series don’t share much in terms of scale, tone, or grander narrative ideals, they both share the inherent struggle of “Shonen” of watching a young protagonist grow and change over time. line of challenges. face in the series race.

Izuku Midoriya and Eren Yeager went through their own respectively darker phases, and with that connection in mind, it’s fun to imagine how characters from one world would fit into the other. In that regard, it’s not too hard to imagine the villains would somehow take the power of the Titan and become even more terrifying. Now fans don’t have to imagine what something like that would look like, as artist @geekygainster has brought Dabi’s own Titan transformation to life through some very creative cosplay! Check it out below:

Fortunately, the Titans of The attack of the Titans have limited power once they transform, as a giant flame thrower would certainly cause major mayhem. But the show does just as much damage on its own, as the anime kicked off the official endgame for the fourth and final season. Eren has unleashed a deadly attack on the rest of the world, and now fans will see whether or not the rest of humanity can survive before it’s all over. It’s also if he manages to end during his TV season because there’s so much left on the table.

Speaking of all there is left to explore, my hero academia will return for season 6 of his anime later this fall. It has yet to set a concrete release date, but will launch in October. Leading to a major war between heroes and villains, we could see some Titan-level mayhem and damage before all of that is said and done too. But what do you think? What do you think it would look like with an official crossover between Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia? Which characters would do best? Let us know all your thoughts and theories in the comments!