Attack on Titan: Ymir Fritz comes to life in this amazing Founder cosplay – Senpai

Ymir Fritz is undoubtedly one of the most important characters in Attack on Titansimply for the fact of being the first titan to be born, who has also had quite a presence during the Final Season-Part 2, the reason why a fan recently created an amazing cosplay that pays homage to the Foundress of the people of Ymir.

The cosplay comes from artist and Instagram influencer YujikoiCosplayer. This Swiss girl who is a true fan of anime, otaku and kawaii, has perfectly taken advantage of the simplicity of Ymir’s design, in order to bring her to the world in an almost literal way.

Well the resemblance he manages to obtain with his anime cosplay is impressivewhich, in fact, is the most recent of its timeline. Take a look for yourself and see how Ymir comes to the real world thanks to this talented girl.

Photo: Instagram – @yuji.hannah

As you can see, it’s an anime cosplay apparently “simple”, as to what makes it up. A slightly worn white shirt, a headband of the same color that the artist has made with a white sheet of paper.

However, here the hair stands out, which is exactly replicated, as well as the makeup and the white pupils in the eyes that make her look identical to the character. It even seems that this girl was animated by MAPPA or drawn by Hajime Isayama himself.

Let’s finish by mentioning that Ymir Fritz becomes very important in the anime now that we have been shown his tragic past, and of course due to the fact that he gave Eren the power of the Founder to activate the Earth Rumble and thus end with all life beyond the walls.

What did you think of this Ymir Fritz cosplay from Attack on Titan?


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