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Attack on titans 4 × 17: «Trial»

Last March we said goodbye to the first part of the final season of Attack the titans and we started the countdown to its last stretch. Almost 10 months later, They were and company they return to our lives, although changing platforms broadcast. The “Titanic Sundays” move from the website of Select Vision to the streaming platform Crunchyroll, in a more than controversial and commented movement by Spanish fans.

This first episode premiered quite late on schedule because the servers Crunchyroll dropped, becoming a worldwide Trending Topic in Twitter. Something that has a crime considering that you are paying for a service that is not being offered in good conditions. Nevertheless, there are things that do not change, like our weekly reviews, who return to explain and unravel all the keys to the end of Attack the titans.

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episode 17 of Attack the titans starts right where the previous one left off. As is, without anesthesia. Same as if episode 16 had aired last week. For me a mistake because we haven’t seen for many months Attack the titans and I think it should not be assumed that all your audience will perfectly remember how part 1 of the final season ended and more when we talk about an anime like Attack the titans.

Specifically, the episode begins with Hange holding the inert body of Levi. Let’s remember that Zeke set a trap for the Stationary Troops and, making use of the wine that contained his spinal fluid, transformed all the subordinates of Levi in titans. But nevertheless, the shot went out the butt a Zeke Y Levi He survived to end up capturing him. Despite threatening Zeke by activating the lightning spear he placed around his body, Zeke resists, causing an explosion in which the body of Levi he is thrown into the river. That’s when the Revivers of Eldia come into action, led by Floch and those who have imprisoned Hange.

Hange ensures that Levi is dead, but Floch He doesn’t believe his words and intends to finish him off. The situation becomes tense between them, but their attention is diverted to a titan that is a few meters away from them. In episode 16 we saw how an unknown girl I was watching Zeke and a titan arose from the earth to open his belly and introduce the shattered body of Zeke inside. From that same titan now arises a Zeke “reborn”, completely healed and who does not know very well what has happened or who was that girl who has rebuilt her body. But he is certain that the space he was in is the invisible paths that we have seen on previous occasions.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / «Shingeki no Kyojin» The Final Season Production Committee

Hange take advantage of the confusion to escape. The commander throws herself into the river taking the body of Levi. Meanwhile, Marley’s troops have reached Paradis. Yelena the pide has They were not fight because they are at a disadvantage and that can only lead to them losing the Founding Titan. But nevertheless, They were does not listen and enters into combat with Reiner.

At the same time, Pieck carries Gabi with Magath and the rest of Marley’s soldiers. I like this scene a lot because it shows the kind of person he is Magath, since his first reaction when seeing Gabi is to hug her. She is surprised, probably because what she expected was to be reprimanded, but it is seen that under his tough-guy appearance, Magath he really cares about his soldiers (be they Marleyans or Eldians) and thus gives meaning to the phrase of Pieck a Gabi in this same episode in which he said that he does not trust Marley, but he does trust the people he has fought alongside.

Returning to the episode, the two girls explain to Magath the situation: both Falco like 300 other Paradis army soldiers have ingested spinal fluid from Zeke. Marley fears that They were can use the power of the Founder Titan and activate the Rumble, that is, activate the hundreds of titans that are under the walls that surround the island. However, they conclude that if they haven’t done so yet, it’s because They were for some reason you can’t activate it. that’s when Gabi remember a conversation Zeke on the airship after the assault on Liberio: Paradis now has both a royal blood titan and the Founding Titan, meaning that Zeke possesses royal blood and that, therefore, should not allow both brothers to come into contact.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / «Shingeki no Kyojin» The Final Season Production Committee

The second half of the episode contains good dose of fight between the titans accompanied by scenes that show us the brutality of the war, and they are not originally in the manga. Marley’s soldiers mercilessly massacre Paradis’s, given their more advanced weaponry. Things look ugly for the Eldians on the island, so Onyankopon decides to go in search of Armin and company, who remain locked up. Onyankopon he frees them, begging for their help, because at this rate They were will succumb to Reiner, Galliard and the impressive anti-titan cannon equipped on the back of the Cargo Titan.

Once released from the cell, Connie is facing Onyankopon. Y you have every right to be angry. Why would they have to help They were now? Connie feel betrayed by him Annie, Reiner, Bertholdt and his own Onyankopon; And you don’t agree with the plan either. Zeke. why would i help They were, who has allied himself with the person who precisely devastated his town and his family?

Onyankopon He assures that he was unaware of all the part of the plan that involved using the power of the Founder Titan to prevent the Eldians from having children and thus be able to exterminate the race. He joined the cause because he believed that the island had a future and if you are now asking them for help, it is because you do not want all your efforts to have been in vain. Armin believes him and also believes that it is possible to save They were, that your friend is really just going along with it Yelena Y Zeke. Is They were who possesses the power of the Founding Titan and, as such, it is he who has the will to decide what to do. Y Armin he is convinced that his best friend would only use that power to activate the Rumble and protect the island, not to fulfill the wishes of Zeke.

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Like Armin want to save They were, Mikasa wants to do it too, but this is where it shows how harmful the words of They were in episode 14, where he accused her of having no will of her own for being a Ackerman. Back then I thought what They were trying is to distance yourself from your friends. And today I still think about it. But I also think that They were he’s not lying at all about the Ackerman, because his description of things fits the evidence of everything we’ve seen so far. However, he would be exaggerating his lack of free will. probably actually a Ackerman choose who to protect of your own free will instead of being a mindless slave. Which Mikasa All you have to do is understand it and overcome those doubts you feel about yourself.

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episode 17 of Attack the titans covers a large part of chapter 117 of the manga and some panels of 118. Personally, I found the beginning of the episode very intense and the fight scenes have been very well animated, with a CGI in the titans very well integrated, something that was missed at numerous times in the first part of the season. But nevertheless, the second half has not worked so well the times (which makes me think that they will not cover the end of the manga in 12 episodes). In addition, his last scene has left me rather indifferent. Knowing the source material and therefore knowing how chapter 117 ends, I fail to understand why MAP has made the decision not to encourage him. It would have been a perfect cliffhanger.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / «Shingeki no Kyojin» The Final Season Production Committee

Finally, a new part of the season is synonymous with a new opening and a new ending. There was a lot of expectation especially for the first one and I am surprised by the number of people who liked it, because I have found it quite bland in certain sections. It is true that I didn’t like the opening of the first part of the season initially either and in the end I ended up seeing its charm. But honestly I think this time it will not happen to me, because my problem with “Boku no senshou” was that it was repetitive. For «The Rumbling» I don’t like the animation style.

As a reader of the manga, I understand the approach of the opening, what they wanted to do, but the execution does not seem good to me. On the other hand, the ending itself is more up to par than I expected to see. Although neither of them I think fits what has been the anime of Attack the titans during all these years, but rather they seem typical of any shonen generic.

In spite of everything, there is one thing that I have no doubt about and that is that “Titanic Sundays” were sorely missed. Let’s enjoy the end of a series that has set trends.