‘Attack on titans’: a worthy season finale for today’s best anime

The last chapter of the second part of the season finale of Attack the titans was another one of those episodes in which the series boasts of its strengths. Shingeki no Kyojin prepare the plot over low heat and then leave memorable action stretches; perhaps among the best anime current. Its closure (with a third party confirmed) leaves several doors open (and others not so much).

The episode titled “the dawn of humanity” clarified various doubts. It tells what was the reconnaissance mission that she did the legion in Marley and the impact on the protagonists. In this way, several of them had moments of construction. Those explain its development throughout this second part of the season finale; especially in the case of the protagonist.

Eren Jaeger was always clear about the fate that humanity would suffer. His judgment, based on protecting his friends, would prevail. Therefore, to the people of Paradis Island. Although this was obvious, one aspect that was not clear was the human side, the confrontation that the person experiences when he travels to the other side of the sea.

Attack the titans,
from Mikasa’s perspective

“The Dawn of Humanity” was narrated from the perspective of my house. As if to delve into her memories, she reviewed different moments with Eren. She tried to answer the question if her behavior was always oriented towards this end full of blood and destruction or if at some point the story could have been different.

The review revealed a key dialogue between Eren and Mikasa. He asks what it means to her. The anime opened up the possibility that her answer would change facts. If Mikasa had expressed her love for him, it may be that part of the protagonist’s desolation would be reduced, that her purposes would have another focus. But no.