‘Attack on titans’: the keys to ‘Traitor’, the latest chapter in the series

The Jaeger faction is in danger. after several episodes from Attack the titans in which those who oppose Eren Jaeger’s plan tried to smooth things over each other, there is a plan to recover the flight ship and get to where the Founding Titan it is directed. The scenario left different members, especially Armin, Mikasa and Connie, at a crossroads: to be successful, they will probably have to kill their former teammates. Attack the titans.

This contradiction reveals one of the main values ​​of Shingeki no Kyojin. Its protagonists enter and leave scenarios in which their morals, their memories and their idea of ​​the future collide with those of those who, before, lived in the same space as them. happened with Reiner and Bertolt, who during the first seasons manifested different discomforts in relation to their mission; especially after the ties between them and their peers grew closer.

Traitor”, the most recent episode of the second part of the season finale of Attack the titansHe came back to that idea. armin, my house, Reiner, Conny and annie He would have to go back over his story and decide what to do in the given scenario: avoid conflict with those who were friends or assume the responsibility that his task implies, try to stop the Founding Titan, whatever the cost.

Theo Magath, the hero

During the beginning of this season finale of Attack the titans, Theo Magath he insisted again and again on the need to find a new hero on stage. Persecuted by the idea of ​​defending the one he believes to the last consequences, he committed himself to the cause until he reached the dimension of the different edges of the conflict. From there it is explained that he apologizes to Armin, Mikasa, Connie and Jean, for involving us in an uncomfortable situation for them.

It’s a few minutes of character building in Attack the titans, in which Theo Magath positions himself as a kind of moral reference. It is not. His hands are as full of blood as any of the others. But, in a context where nerves prevail, common sense, humanity and ideas are gold. in his way, Magath is becoming the hero he hoped to find: one in which intellect and sensitivity prevail before brute force.