Attack on Titans: this is how the Scout Corps is organized to avoid the Titans

Paradis Island has had to survive great inconveniences for a long time since the Titans began attacking the walls, and this has created chaos in the civilization. Nevertheless, Eldia’s army He has always stood firm training so that these things do not happen again, thus creating clever tactics with which they can face the titans in various types of situations.

This is done by the division of the Legion of Reconnaissance of the Corps of Exploration, the group trained to fight against the Titans and to go out to the outer zones to explore or carry out rescues. Before doing anything, the army prepares to organize each movement that the soldiers are going to make during the operation, to go into details, in the following information we leave you all about the strategies that are applied on the battlefield.

Organization of the Exploration Corps

To plan the movements of the operation, the army soldiers get together to train and establish how the attacks and defenses will be carried out. The leader of the Legion of Reconnaissance explains the guidelines and constantly motivates the members, different tasks are assigned to several in order to ensure that the mission is carried out correctly.

Long-distance training of the Exploration Corps

Long-range maneuvering of the Attack on Titan Scout Corps

To make the exploration mission much faster and more efficient, when traveling long distances this training is applied. It’s a strategy created by leader Erwin Smith, is based on dividing the soldiers into small groups so that the army has a better range of vision and can prevent complicated situations with time. At the beginning the formation has a mountain style, and then it breaks down depending on what the soldiers need. To communicate over a long distance, flare guns are used to indicate what is happening, so that you can change your strategy if something goes wrong.

While the strongest soldiers are around and in front of the formation, in the center are the resources that they bring to the mission to avoid being affected by the titans. According to the statistics given by the Survey Corps, this tactic has achieved decrease a total of 30% the mortality rate of the members of the group.

Smoke signals

Attack the titans
Scout Corps Smoke Signals in Attack on Titan

There are 3 types of flares that have different meanings, they are the following:

  • Red Flare: when viewing a Titan.
  • Green Bengal: when the central area of ​​the formation learns that there is a Titan. The flare is launched in the new direction they are going to advance to make an evasion move.
  • Black Bengal: when viewing an Eccentric Titan or Shifting Titan that could break formation.

Scouting Corps Ambush Formation

Attack the titans
Female Titan tethered by the Scout Corps

We could see this strategy when the Exploration Corps made a effort to stop the Female Titan. The organization of this tactic is simple, but effective, it consists of analyzing all the weak points of the enemy to be able to plan the type of equipment that is going to be used against him.

Subsequently, the interests that he has are known and a bait is used so that it is drawn towards an unfavorable place for the opponent, for example, a forest full of many trees. All weapons and traps are positioned, and when the time is right, the Scout Corps surrounds it and the traps are activated. In this way, the enemy is immobile so that the soldiers can catch or eliminate him.

This is not the only one army that has impressive maneuvers, other Attack on Titan nations such as Marley, Liberio, and Hizuru they also have military strategies that are very effective on the battlefield.