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3 Reasons The Attack on Titan Anime Is a Cultural Phenomenon

Official Synopsis : In a world ravaged by man-eating titans for more than a century, humanity’s few survivors have no choice but to barricade themselves in a fortress city.

A few years ago, not many people knew about the manga “Attack on Titan”. Today, there are millions talking about it. Why a manga that tells the story of a city besieged by gigantic creatures has become a global cultural phenomenongrossing millions of dollars through these video game and anime iterations?

The scenario of the anime, and the manga, Attack on Titan

The manga, and the anime, take place in a world where humans are threatened by Titans, giant monsters that devour human beings. The Titans appeared a hundred years agoand humanity now lives behind high walls meant to protect the people.

One of the most fascinating things about the manga world is that no one knows where the Titans came from. Are they supernatural beings? Mutants? Or maybe a race of aliens? The fact that the Titans rule the planet is a mystery, and it is still unclear how they were created.

The story therefore begins with a world whose inhabitants have been forced to take refuge behind high walls. Humans no longer have the right to leave the cities, and are condemned to raise their children in anguish and fear. But humanity is beginning to rebel, and some are willing to do the impossible to find out what’s going on beyond the walls. A simple scenario, which mixes terror, action, adventure and sometimes an offbeat humor which immediately found its fans.

Characters from SNK ‘Attack on Titan’

SNK’s story relies heavily on its characters, including the famous Eren Jäger who has become a figure beyond the manga universe. The anime, for the first time, has shown him well in realistic features: he is only 10 years old at the start, and he grows up in this devastated world by joining a liberation brigade. Everything is there for the spectator to cling to Eren Jäger: his mother died in front of him, his father disappeared… A key character, then, but also very intimate.

Mikasa Ackerman is another character from the manga and anime Attack on Titan. She too is a child, a figure of an ethnic group now decimated by the Titans during their first attack. Her ties with Eren are many, especially since he saved her life. She is the “sister” of Eren Jäger. The two companions are often together during their adventures and fights against the Titans.

Armin Arlert, Livaï Ackerman, Erwin Smith or Hansi Zoe: the cast of the manga, and the SNK anime continues and always offers rich and varied characters. This is also what makes the strength of this universe, which is much less cliché than many other stories.

Last key to success: unique animation and artistic direction

Early fans (at least, fans of the anime) have seen it: since season 4, the graphics and animation have changed. During the first 3 seasons of the anime, the style was simply new, through rotoscope hand-drawing techniques. This is what gives the plane and counter-plane side, without really moving in the scene behind.

This style is close to that of manga since it allows you to copy the pages almost identically, but has its limits in terms of animation and visual quality. Several episodes, however, were directed by the ambitious and innovative Daisuke Tokudo.

In fact, SNK’s animation relies heavily on 2D, but uses hand drawing techniques to give relief to characters and movements. Thanks to a set of music, atmospheres, production, etc.: everything becomes fluid and the animation becomes pleasant since it follows a storytelling one of a kind.

In short, for these 3 reasons and many others, Attack on Titan is a monument of manga/animated culture!