Avatar: 10 Attack On Titan Characters Who Would Make Good Firebenders

In Avatar: The Last Airbender Y The Legend Of KorraFirebending is the art of controlling the element of fire. It is unique among the items, not only because it is the enemy’s item for most of the original series, but because it is the only item the wielder can produce on their own; the benders of air, water, and earth must extract it from its surroundings.

This breeds an independent fight in firebenders which means the element lends itself well to those who are driven, intense and unflinching, especially when it comes to their targets. Although firebending does not exist in the universe, there are a multitude of characters ofAttack On Titan that they would feel right at home with the element in their hands.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

10 Eren Yeager is focused on his goal

Viewers could be forgiven for thinking that Eren is too volatile to start controlling the chaotic element of fire, but his descent into darkness throughout the series makes him one of the best firebenders around. Their aggressive, frontal fighting style and ability to take a long beating combine well with the fact that pyrokinetics tend to be open to counterattacks. Without a doubt, Eren would have no problem taking the first step and ending the match just as quickly.

But it’s not Eren’s fighting style that makes him fit for the element, it’s his drive. When firebenders lose motivation and drive, they lose power. Eren is without a doubt the most driven character in the series, stopping at nothing to pursue his goals with sheer determination.

9 Mikasa Ackerman is a natural fighteravatar 10 personajes de attack on titan que serian buenos maestros fuego 1

Although Mikasa originally wanted to lead a peaceful life after her difficult childhood, she instead chooses to follow Eren into the Training Corps, discovering that she has a surprising natural affinity for being a scout that she can use to keep him safe. This natural affinity, combined with how fiercely protective she is of Eren, unleashes a burning passion in the calm and collected girl.

Firebenders cannot defend as effectively, but this is not a weakness for Mikasa, as she is always on the offensive. Due to her dexterity and skill, she rarely needs to defend herself, so a hyper-aggressive control style fueled by her determination to save her best friend would make her a formidable foe.

8 Kenny Ackerman Is A Commanding Force Of Natureavatar 10 personajes de attack on titan que serian buenos maestros fuego 2

From the first moment that the public meets Kenny it is clear that his affinity is fire. He is wild, spontaneous, and a leader who is respected by his subordinates. Kenny commands a room as he would the unpredictable element of fire.

Watching him run through the streets inside the walls after his enemies gives fans an idea of ​​the level of aggressiveness Kenny has. His ability to make Attack On Titan’s human enemies as terrifying as the Titans themselves attests to his fighting prowess.

7 Gabi Braun embodies the two faces of the Firebendersavatar 10 personajes de attack on titan que serian buenos maestros fuego 3

Gabi represents the best and worst of firebenders in a small package. She is headstrong, brilliant, and passionate, but falters as she pushes her limits and becomes increasingly arrogant about her abilities. He tries to impose his leadership on his compatriots and even threatens them with punishment when they make a mistake. But, like all good firebenders, Gabi’s heart tugs at her.

Willing to lose her life for those she cares about and with a determination that rivals that of many, Gabi’s actions may be hard to fathom, but her motivations are simple and true. It is these motivations that push her throughout the series and that will drive her to overcome the difficult tests of being a firebender.

6 Connie Springer is calm and collectedavatar 10 personajes de attack on titan que serian buenos maestros fuego 4

Connie tells her peers that her ambition in life is to make her family and her town proud, and this goal keeps her going through the toughest of times. He is driven by this particular ideal and rarely strays from that path. Even so, he maintains a pleasant and friendly demeanor that helps the morale of those around him.

Despite her determination, Connie possesses something other motivated characters lack, true self-control. When faced with his mother’s terrible fate, Connie stayed focused, allowed himself to feel his emotions, but didn’t let them overwhelm him. His ability to control even his most terrifying feelings indicates that he would be able to master not only fire, but also lightning, which requires an even greater degree of self-control.

5 Jean Kirschstein ends up channeling her angeravatar 10 personajes de attack on titan que serian buenos maestros fuego 5

A hothead by nature who ends up controlling his fits of rage, Jean personifies fire in more ways than one. His passion, his courage and his natural leadership show him as a powerful individual who knows how to feel his emotions, but who never gives in to them.

Jean’s only major flaw, other than her tendency to be outspoken, is that she puts herself in harm’s way to save others. Firebending flames can cause burns and other injuries to their wearer, so someone like Jean, who would endure pain and suffering if it meant helping another person, would not be bothered by any harm done to himself.

4 Grisha Yaeger Is Willing To Do Dark Things For Her Causeavatar 10 personajes de attack on titan que serian buenos maestros fuego 6

While some characters would be impressive firebenders for their fighting prowess and determination to save others, Grisha stands on the darker and more calculated side of fire, being a man who finds greatness through his passion and passion. recklessness with his own life and that of others.

Grisha is unafraid of the dire consequences of her actions throughout the series, convincing herself that the harm she does will end up being good. This reflects the destructive nature of fire, and how someone who handles it must understand the danger of what awaits them and not shy away from it.

3 Eren Kruger would set the world on fire for his idealsavatar 10 personajes de attack on titan que serian buenos maestros fuego 7

Eren Kruger, the Eldian spy who partially understood the chain of events he was to unleash, has the determination, aggressiveness, and eerie stillness required to be an incredible firebender. Having lost the ability to empathize with anything other than his mission, Eren would be an incredible single-minded firebender, focusing on nothing but his target and using that concentration to calm his mind.

However, it is clear that Eren still feels intense remorse for what he has done, but he refuses to let that cloud his judgment or affect his mission, portraying him as someone with a logical perspective that would help balance the chaotic nature of the fire. .

2 Annie Leonhart prides herself on her abilityavatar 10 personajes de attack on titan que serian buenos maestros fuego 8

Annie is impulsive and aggressive. She is incredibly proud of her skill, particularly her talent when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and due to her confidence, she is very willing to admit her flaws.

By openly admitting her flaws, Annie frees herself from her inner turmoil, allowing her to become a powerful firebender. Despite being one of the strongest in the series, Zuko, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, fails to harness the power of lightning due to his internal struggles. Since Annie doesn’t have any, having made peace with herself and her emotions, she would be able to master not only fire, but also lightning.

1 Bertholdt Hoover composes himself in the face of the unknownavatar 10 personajes de attack on titan que serian buenos maestros fuego 9

When asked about the elements, many would place Bertholdt anywhere but among the firebenders. Quiet, soft-spoken, and often with a worried look on his face, he certainly doesn’t fit the criteria on the surface.

Beneath the carefully crafted guise of Bertholdt lurks a child soldier who learned early on that controlling his emotions would be the only thing that would get him through his hell. Not only did Bertholdt always calm down in the most extreme moments, revealing himself to be the stalwart soldier within his duo with Reiner, but he also took on a totally new, cold persona to finish his mission. Firebenders must control themselves, and few in the series do it as well as Bertholdt.