Become an Attack on Titan character with this website: it’s free and very easy to use

Attack the titans has been a resounding success since its first edition in 2013, and is currently considered one of the best anime of its genreas it features an incredible plot, unrivaled characters, unforgettable battles, and more.

One of the most outstanding features within its plot, it is the ability of some characters to become “Titans.” And it is that who would not like to delve even further into history creating his own manga character.

Fortunately, there are web pages like where you can make this great feat possible totally free. And even though the page is in Japanese, is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Find out!

This is interface and design

When entering the website of you will get everything in Japanese, but do not be alarmed, since much of the portal is images, which greatly facilitates its usability.

And even though it becomes somewhat difficult, It is very comfortable and light, you just have to click on the boxes shown in the following images to start creating your character.

Believe it or not, the interface is very easy
How to use the page
This shows the boxes that you must press before creating your Attack on Titan character

Even so, do not despair, below we explain step by step what to do to become a Attack on Titan character free and in a few minutes.

Crea tu propio personaje de Shingeki no Kyojin

As we have already been saying, the main goal of the web is that you are able to create your own avatar inspired by the cartoons of the manga of Shingeki no Kyojin. Once you click on the boxes, the system will allow you customize face, factions, hair, eyes, locker room, among other things.

And of course for create a character You will not need to be an expert in the field, you will only have to choose the style of your preference, be it hair, face, clothes and others … After this you can add a sentence of 12 characters maximum and finally you can download the image in good quality. It should be noted that this can be done on any device, it will only be necessary to have a web browser and an Internet connection.

create character from attack on titans
Tools to create your own soldier from the Special Operations Squad of the Exploration Corps

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