Call of Duty x Attack on Titan: an item pack dedicated to Levi Ackerman in Vanguard and Warzone

The Attack on Titan licensed universe is coming to Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone via the first major update of 2022.

Scheduled for January 20, the “Tracker Pack: Attack on Titan – Levi’s Edition” will allow Sergeant Daniel Yatsu of the Hellhounds unit to be equipped like the famous Exploration Battalion in Call of Duty : Vanguard and Call of Duty : Warzone. This one therefore includes the Titan Piercer, a weapon blueprint that reproduces the famous saber capable of killing Titans, the Steel Slash execution, the best action intro Vertical Maneuver, the best player achievement Ultra Steel hard, the legendary Historia submachine gun (suitable for operators who like contact and want to send precise dummy shots while running. The small caliber magazines it is equipped with give it more speed and a better rate of fire, attributes perfect for go-getters) and the Curse of Ymir Assault Rifle (equipped with nine attachments, with virtually zero horizontal recoil, near-maximum effective range and bullet velocity, this legendary weapon blueprint is prodigious at long distance, especially if stabilized).

Cosmetically, fans will be able to get their hands on a Secret Keeper lucky charm shaped like a key to unlocking the mysteries of the world, the Wings of Freedom emblem, and a Hot Potato sticker. Note that while any Operator can wield the weapons from the Levi Ackerman Item Pack, only Daniel Yatsu will be fully equipped for combat with the Survey Corps Operator Skin.

What’s new in the first Vanguard and Warzone update of 2022

  • New Operator: A devastating invasion. A lost parent. A desire for revenge. This is the story of Isabella Rosario Dulnuan Reyes, the last operator of Task Force 006 Trident, who will appear before the end of season 1. Trained by her father, Isabella begins to learn martial arts from an early age. age. Upon her death, she continues to hone her skills on those who led her to join a local resistance movement. At the end of the war, she joins Trident alongside Francis and Lewis to uncover Caldera’s secrets. A specialist in close quarters combat, she wields the new weapon in Vanguard’s arsenal to perfection. You can unlock Isabella by purchasing the Wild Rose Operator Pack, which also includes two Legendary Weapon Blueprints. Those who unlock all three Trident members (Francis, Lewis, and Isabella) and get them to max level will receive a special Gold skin for all three Operators, as well as a Platinum skin if at least three other units are at level 20
  • New Submachine Gun: The Welgun, Isabella’s favored weapon, is a prototype submachine gun whose raw stats place it between the Owen and the British Army’s preferred weapon, the Sten. In multiplayer, she can effectively take out targets in four shots (or three, if one of the shots hits a vital area) at normal range for her class. The .380 and .25 ACP magazines can turn it into a two- or three-shot killing machine or a more accurate weapon with an improved rate of fire, respectively. Whether it’s super-high capacity magazines, which double the amount of standard ammunition, or a 48-round .380 caliber drum magazine, close-quarters combat specialists will find what they’re looking for in Warzone or Vanguard’s multiplayer, especially in large squads or in high intensity modes. The Welgun can be unlocked in two ways, namely through an in-game challenge or through a weapon blueprint, the first of which will be available in a store pack (Reserved Steel), added during the update
  • New Zombies: Several major updates will be made to the experience such as Shi No Numa’s introduction to endless classic gameplay for the new objective The Void, access to Von List’s office in Stalingrad, four new upgrade levels artifacts in the Ritual Book, three unique Sacred Punch camos, and more. Added to this are the battle shield and crafting support killstreaks, as well as weapon unlock challenges for the Katana and Welgun submachine gun.