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Eren continues to star in Season 4 as he grows closer to his half-brother in the aftermath of Marley’s war against Paradis. As Episode 18 ends with Zeke hitting rock bottom after Magath’s vengeful shot of anti-Titan artillery to his arm, Eldia’s future hangs dangerously in the balance.

Even though Eren is the star of the show, his half-brother is a close runner-up. Debuting in Season 2 with the world’s deadliest throwing skills, Zeke anchored his Beast Titan’s formidable ability into the brains of all scouts as he claimed countless lives, including Commander Erwin. .

However, his combat skill is not as popular as the host of his Beast Titan’s unique abilities. Taking a trip down memory lane, we see that the Season 2 opener had the fandom asking a slew of questions, but the most notable being – Can the Beast Titan transform into different animals?

Chapter 135 confirms this when we see the Beast Titans Shifters husks emblazoned with various species of the animal kingdom atop Eren’s massive Founding Titan.

This page contains spoilers for Attack on Titan – Anime.

What makes Zeke’s Beast Titan so special?

Although Marley monopolized control of the Beast Titan for years, how come only Zeke’s Titan became indispensable to them?

Zeke is tItan’s absurdly long arms, coupled with the stellar throwing skills he honed while playing wrestling with Tom Ksaver, allowed him to inflict damage over significant distances by launching projectiles of all kinds at terrifying speeds. .

We’ve already witnessed the level of destruction he can cause when he ravaged the Pathfinder Regiment throughout Seasons 2 and 3 and when he decimated an entire naval fleet in the first episode of the final season. .

Even though his Titan’s deadly attack is usually saved to deliver the final blow in battle, Reiner’s fatal mistake of challenging him to a duel proves that his combat skills and flexibility should never be underestimated.

Although the fight was cut from the anime, the manga reveals the brutality of Zeke’s Titan as he demolishes Reiner’s Armored Titan in cleverly outmaneuvering him while landing multiple blows and ultimately leading him to defeat.

Even though we missed the action, we got to see the aftermath – the battered and shattered body of the Armored Titan with Reiner completely unconscious inside.

In addition to throwing hands, Zeke’s Titan was also able to harden his neck like the other Shifters, though it took considerable time and effort. However, Hange’s specially designed Thunder Spears could easily pass through it, much to the Scouts’ relief.

Zeke Yeager (Beast Titan) | Source: Fandom

But the real reason Zeke was the GOAT of all Beast Titan Shifters was his Founding Titan abilities, thanks to the royal blood that ran through his veins. Not only could he transform the Eldians into pure Titans with a single shout, but he could also command them in his Titan and human form.

However, this would only work if his cerebrospinal fluid found its way inside the Eldians he wished to transform. Thus, presenting him with versatile ways to use it.

While Marley only took the direct approach of using injections, Zeke and the volunteers managed to underhandedly brown the wine ingested by the military and Levi’s Scout members.

But Connie’s hometown of Ragako has faced the most horribly effective medium yet – aerosol spinal fluid, which the lowly villagers have sadly mistaken for a strange yellowish mist.

In addition to his extraordinary Titan abilities, Zeke is also a brilliant tactician. Although this failed, he led the mission to recapture Eren while Reiner and Bertholdt were still reeling from the kidnapping attempt gone wrong.

With all of those powers under his belt, it’s no wonder Zeke gave Marley an edge in battle.

What forms of Beast Titan have we seen so far?

We got our first glimpse of the many forms of the Beast Titan in The Season 2 opener as Zeke’s Titan raced alongside multiple species of animals over countless humans below.

Although it only lasted two seconds, we were able to make out an elephant, two whales, a hippopotamus, a zebra, a crocodile, a camel, a ray and an ostrich. The key to understanding that they were former Shifters was in the bright red hearts inside each one.

But what caught the fandom’s attention was the inclusion of a T-rex and another herbivorous prehistoric creature. Although they are believed to be the earliest forms of Beast Titan Shifters, we have yet to receive confirmation from Isayama.

Finally, in Chapters 135 and 136, we come to the carcasses of former Beast Shifters, which Ymir called upon to protect the Founding Titan from Eren. Along with seeing Tom Ksaver’s Bighorn Sheep Titan, we got the Rabbit, Minotaur, Snake, Deer, and Dog Titan.

While the first two had a humanoid build and walked on two legs, the last two were enlarged versions of the animal and walked on all fours.

Although we never got to see the Serpent Titan’s full body, it appeared to have the lower half of a serpent as it hung upside down on the Founding Titan’s belly.

The Minotaur Titan was also a massive copy of the ordinary creature, sporting the body of a man and in front of a bull. The Titan Rabbit was the most comical as it had a humanoid body with the head of a typical rabbit, making it look like a buff Bugs Bunny.

Even though there was a Crocodile and an Okapi Titan, not everyone decided whether to place them in the Jaw, Cart, or Beast Titan category due to overlapping characteristics.

Although it is ultimately established that the Beast Titans can have different forms, it is still a mystery. Is there a lottery system that cycles through different species? Or is there something or someone pulling the strings?

Considering that the origins of the Titans are rooted in the Source of All Living Matter or the Anomaly, our answers may lie in its power.

The Source is known to have attached itself to Ymir’s spine and later built a whole web of memories, wills and emotions that bind all Eldians together.

One theory could be Anomaly tapping into the mind of a Beast Titan wielder and identifying a keepsake containing an animal of sentimental value.

Since Isayama likes these little details, he dropped hints like Zeke’s Monkey Doll and Ksaver’s Son Bighorn Sheep throughout the series to give us a glimpse of their future Beast Titan form.

However, this only partially explains why the Anomaly chose these memories. If we look closely at these scenarios, we see that they share one intense emotion: grief.

For Zeke, it was a reminder of the childhood he never had, as the last time he played with it was when his parents decided to use it as a weapon in their movement to restoration.

While for Ksaver, it was a reminder of the loss of his family as his wife committed suicide after killing their only son. While he initially mourned their loss, his despair was so great that he regretted his very existence as an Eldian.

But what about Falco? The bird’s features on his Jaw Titan resulted from him ingesting Zeke’s cerebrospinal fluid-enhanced wine, thus making him a Beast Titan hybrid.

However, the only animal-centric memory he has is of him lying dazed on the battlefield, talking to a stranger and wishing he would fly away from the dangers below.

The Anomaly can choose an animal representing a wearer’s nature or an animal linked to a memory representing that nature. Since Falco is extremely considerate and caring as he wishes for the safety of everyone around him, even a bird, he was given this form.

Who inherits the Beast Titan after Zeke?

Although several candidates were to inherit the Beast Titan, none of them were lucky enough for Zeke to meet his end before he could pass it on.

Zeke’s Titan was originally promised to Marleyan warrior Colt Grice, Falco’s older brother. But he was killed in the crossfire of the Battle of Paradis after Zeke arrived.

After betraying Marley, Zeke put Historia online according to his euthanasia plan. But since she was pregnant, inheriting the Beast Titan took a step back. He was then definitely out of his reach after the events of the War on Paradis arc.

Even though no one has “traditionally” inherited the Titan from Zeke, Falco can be considered an honorary Beast Titan since the cerebrospinal fluid he ingested altered his Jaw Titan to have the features of a bird.

Additionally, he could also scrutinize the memories of Zeke and his predecessors mentioning the existence of a Flying Titan from the past.

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