Chainsaw Man creator anticipates new manga anthology

In recent years, especially after the release of “Chainsaw Man”, mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto has managed to become a modern benchmark when it comes to telling extremely crude stories not only due to the great impact of violence and gallons. blood that abounds in its composition, but in the way it presents the internal struggle of its characters against their own demons (real and metaphorical).

With “Chainsaw Man”, the story of Denji and his fellow demon hunter companions ended in December 2020. As his fans await the arrival of his new anime adaptation under Fujimoto’s promise to tell a new chapter From this story through a sequel, the author has also taken care of building other stories outside of this narrative universe.

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Fujimoto has prepared a new “one-shot” story since his launch this year with “Look Back”, in which he presents an introspection on the creative collaboration between two young mangakas who received praise from the press despite the controversy generated by a sequence in which an attack by an ax assassin is presented in an art school.

Now, Tatsuki Fujimoto has prepared the release of “22-26”, a new collection of short stories in which, as featured on its cover, he will surely once again address some supernatural elements that he has already accustomed his fans to with his works. previous.

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Fujimoto has so far not released any further information on its planned sequel to “Chainsaw Man” and the approximate time it could arrive in press rooms. However, the wait could be lessened with the future adaptation of this manga through a new animated series produced by the studio MAPPA.

MAPPA has been responsible for remarkable works in the field of Japanese animation such as “Yuri On Ice! “,” Banana Fish “,” Jujutsu Kaisen “and the last season of” Attack on Titan “. The animated adaptation of “Chainsaw Man” should reach the public in the course of 2022.

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