Chainsaw Man: when will the anime be released and how many chapters will it have

A manga that has achieved great success and worldwide fame in recent times is “chainsaw man », a story written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since December 2018. It was in 2020 that it was announced that the studio MENUone of the most credited with bringing anime like ‘Attack on Titan’ to life, will bring an animated adaptation of ‘Chainsaw Man’.

Although an official release date is not known at the moment, rumors and leaks have emerged indicating that the new anime will be released in October 2022. MAPPA has not yet confirmed this date, but on the occasion of its First 10 years of life, the study revealed many details of the series in which they work for the future and among them is “Chainsaw Man”.

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What is Chainsaw Man about?

The story introduces us to Denji, a young man who, upon the death of his father, inherits a huge debt. In order to be able to avoid being killed by collectors and get money to pay for some of them, he uses his chainsaw demon pet, nicknamed Pochita to work in the service of the people he owes.

However, that all changes when her pet dies and eventually fuses with her, having the ability to become a chainsaw man and all the abilities Pochita possessed. Now debt-free and traveling the big city, he becomes a demon-hunting officer, but Denji has a lot to learn about his new job and new powers.

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How many chapters will the Chainsaw Man anime have?

At the moment, the number of chapters of the anime “Chainsaw Man” has not been confirmed, but its manga stands out for its 11 compilation volumes with a total of 97 chapters, with a not so long story. Considering this, previously “Death Note” manga had 100 chapters and was adapted into its anime with a total of 26 two-part chapters.

“Chainsaw Man” could be brought to animation in the same way, with around 24 and 26 chapters, although MAPPA could bring the anime presentation in a different format, taking into account that the end of “Attack on Titan” He split his ending into two parts. We will still have to wait, even if the duration of this new anime is officially announced.

Created by Tasuki Fujimoto, the “Chainsaw Man” manga has stood out for delivering one of the craziest storylines of recent times, so fans are eagerly awaiting this new Japanese anime production. As you can see in the small trailer, the anime will have bloody scenes with action-packed fights, with a seal of quality with which the MAPPA studio is already recognized.

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