Children of the Orbit and Ultraman – teasers of the Netflix animated series. Official illustration of “Vampire in the Garden”.

Orbital’s children is an animated sci-fi series created by Mitsuo Iso (Kill Bill, Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Digimon Adventure). He is the director and screenwriter of the film. Production takes place in 2045, when space travel is part of everyday life and a special hotel has been created for underage children who were not born on Earth.

The series is developed by Netflix. The first teaser of the Japanese animated series, which is scheduled to premiere on January 28, 2022.

Children of Orbit – Trailer

A trailer for season 2 has also appeared online Ultraman from Netflix, which premieres in October. 2022. It is part of the Ultra series, a series of Japanese television series and films in the tokusatsu genre, as well as manga, created by Eiji Tsuburaya and produced by his studio Tsuburaya Productions. This isn’t the only project the streaming platform is working on within the franchise. Another animation is being created that will pay homage to the original incarnation of Ultraman.

Ultraman – Season 2 Trailer

#ULTRAMAN is here! Check out the first teaser for Season 2! (/ 0 | 0) / ======== #ULTRAMAN is here! You can now watch the first trailer for Season 2!

We can also see the first graphic from the anime. Vampire in the gardenwhich will be distributed worldwide by Netflix. The preview is scheduled for 2022. Ryoutarou Makihara is in charge of the realization, with Hiroyuki Tanaka as assistant. Production is handled by Wit Studio, which is known for titles such as Attack on Titan Where The story of Vinland.

Vampire in the garden tells the story of two young women, a vampire and a human. Despite their different races, they are united by the power of music. The girl named Momo, played by Megumi Han, wants to play the violin and live like humans and vampires once did. Vampire Queen Fine (Yi Kobayashi), meanwhile, just wants to explore a different world than the one she’s known so far.

key art for Vampire in the Garden by WIT STUDIO is here! 🌷 WIT STUDIO’s Vampire in the Garden promo image is here!

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