Chilean artist brings Sasha to life in an Attack on Titan cosplay

The talented Chilean cosplayer, Fran Martínez, has given life to Sasha in this cool cosplay that makes us remember the soldier with nostalgia. The cosplayer has portrayed Sasha in her post-timeskip appearance, when she changes out of the corporation’s standard uniform for the black suit and maneuver gear that the heroes wear during the conflict against Marley. Fran completes the character with her signature rifle, with which she showed great skill during the war.

In her Instagram profile you can find other interpretations of other anime and manga series of the talented cosplayer. In addition to portraying other characters from Attack on TitanWhat Sasha and Mikasa Ackerman, Fran has also portrayed other iconic heroines from the world of anime, including multiple costumes based on the Jujutsu Kaisen sorceress and the award-winning Crunchyroll 2022 for the best girl, Nobara Kugisaki.

Sasha was also recently featured in a new installment of art from MAPPA, the animation studio behind Attack on Titan: The Final Season, showing the younger versions of the sniper and her best friend, Connie, as they fight each other while training to become members of Eldia’s army.

Fans probably already know that Sasha does not appear in the anime’s final season, titled Attack on Titan: The Final Season – Part 2, which premiered in Japan and on international streaming services on January 9, so this cosplay It serves to remember the favorite character of the fans.

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