Create a spectacular Attack on Titan flipbook after 400 hours of work

Remember the incredible persecution of Pain, the second episode of Part 1 of the third season of Attack the titans? In that chapter, the captain Levi Ackerman faced Kenny the Ripper in which it is considered one of the best animated fight and chase scenes in the Japanese anime series. Those of you who really enjoyed this scene will be amazed by this new flipbook or flipbook created by the owner of the YouTube channel MillkunTV, whose content is oriented to show very reliable recreations in flipbook of popular scenes from various anime series such as Demon Slayer (va Kotaku).

How can you find out if you take a look at the attached video, the flipbook has been fully hand drawn, a task that cost him more than 400 hours of work to the artist. The original scene that we could see in the anime lasted a total of four minutes, so the flipbook lightly edit the first minute to fit the most essential parts. The video published by MillkunTV also shows us the laborious process of making this spectacular flipbook; we can see the multi-frame pencil drawing process next to a timer that indicates the time that elapses from the beginning of the job to its completion.

The Demon Slayer flipbook is also not far behind

As long as the great work done is clear, the artist ends the video spreading the drawings on a table and the floor of the room. Of course, the result is the least impressive if we see all the drawings made in a single shot. As we mentioned at the beginning, Attack on Titan It is not the only anime that receives flipbooks so elaborate on the MillkunTV channel. In fact, it could be said that the artist has a great passion for Demon Slayer as we can see in the following flipbook that recreates the Tanjiro’s battle against Rui of the ninth episode of the anime, which cost him about 300 hours of work.