Creation of a line of jewelry to celebrate Livai’s birthday

Attack on Titan is about to lower its curtain. With the final season slated for Jan. 9, the franchise has released nine OAVs to aid in mastering the Shingeki No Kyojin universe and its characters. Of all the manga, Livai is the most popular character. The master corporal who swears only by obedience to the hierarchy, is an austere character. This contrasts with his birthday which is December 25, a date celebrated for Christmas. On the occasion of its anniversary, Attack on Titan Wiki released a line of jewelry.


Livai: a life dedicated to the exploration battalion

Livai is a charismatic character. Cold and introverted, he does not lack kindness towards his comrades in arms, whom he considers his family. Whoever lived a good part of his life as an orphan, was doomed to end up in the bottom of the underground city. But his meeting with Erwin Smith will change the course of his life. Thanks to his Ackerman power, he is considered the best swordsman. He will become a man of rigor and obedient to Erwin. In addition, he will devote himself entirely to the exploration battalion. His attachment to the battalion is one of the reasons he hates Zieg fiercely. The latter decimated the new recruits of the battalion and Erwin during an extramural operation.

In the last season, the news was not positive for Livai. While he had taken Zieg captive, he detonated a thundering spear, which they received in the face. Picked up by Hansi, Livai had massive injuries and was not at his best. The last order he received from Erwin was to kill the bestial titan. In January, we’ll know if he’ll keep his promise to Erwin or not.

Jewelry for the master corporal

Livai’s two passions (aside from killing the titans) are cleanliness and tea. It is from this last hobby that Attack on Titan Wiki will be inspired to create a jewel in its honor. The jewel is shaped like a teacup. Inside is a zinnia flower. Zinnia is considered the flower of friendship. This is a beautiful tribute from Livai to the place of all his companions whom he has lost, since he has been in the Exploration Battalion. In addition, a decorative stone of your choice can be added in the middle (diamond, emerald, onyx, citrine and aquamarine). Find the models on the account Twitter Attack on Titan Wiki.