Criticism of chapter 77 of Attack on Titan, now available on Crunchyroll

The attack on Paradis continues. Eren and Zeke are finally about to get together to put their plan into motion, and the Jaegers maintain control of the island.

After a long hiatus between the first and second parts of the final season of Attack the titans, on January 9, the new batch of episodes of the action anime was kicked off.

Yesterday premiered chapter 77 of the animated series, which Premium users of Crunchyroll can be simulcast on the platform in Japanese with subtitles.

We are in the middle of the final fireworks of the story and a conflict that has been escalating more and more, with Marley’s army launching an unexpected attack against Paradís in response to the raid on Libero that we saw in the first half of the game. season.

The stakes are getting higher and higher, with the Jaegeristas having taken control of the island and with Eren Jaeger leaving his friends behind so he can execute his plan against the rest of the world.

The last episode didn’t solve too many cliffhangers for us, but rather served as a perfect continuation to the first half of the season, and the series is taking its time to unravel the plot a little and finish joining the threads in this final stretch.

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If we blamed chapter 76 to a certain extent that there was a lot of action and combat and little plot, episode 77 can almost be accused of just the opposite. Let’s not panic, because this is still an action anime and we have some pretty epic combat going on, but it’s a lot calmer on this front than other episodes in the series.

The previous episode left us in the middle of the duel between Reiner and Galliard’s titans against Eren. Despite the power that Eren possesses right now, he is having a hard time measuring himself against Reiner’s Armored Titan, although he does not give up and is prolonging the duel as long as possible.

Attack the titans

It has to be said that although at first we had our reservations with the change of animation studio, since MAP took over from Wit for the final season, but in this second half of the final season they are taking away all the doubts that we could have about the visual department.

It is true that some details have changed in the animation style, such as the decision of ua finer line for characters or more use of CGI animation, but of course they have benefited the anime a lot.

Facial expressions are more extreme, and many movements more fluid. ANDn especially the Titans have benefited from the move to CGI, as they have also gained expressiveness and mobility, and even a more “bad” finish that makes us understand why these creatures are so terrifying. So in this chapter we have little action, but what we have has an animation of ten.

Precisely this attention to facial expressions comes unpainted for everything that is apparently happening in the background during Eren and Reiner’s fight. ANDTo some extent this feels like a bridge episode, since although it doesn’t seem like the plot moves too much, it is an episode full of strategies and plans on different fronts.

Attack the titans

Right now we have Armin, Mikasa, Connie and Jean trying to digest Eren and Zeke’s plan and if they finally stop him. On the other hand, Falco He is still a prisoner of the Paradis military and has consumed Zeke’s spinal fluid, thus becoming a Titan if Zeke uses his power.

And to finish putting the chips on the board, Gabi and Colt have gathered and are trying to rescue him, while Pieck and Marley’s army continue to attack the city. As we were saying, many things are happening at the same time, but the creators of the anime manage to give each group time on the screen to move these pieces and place them where they should be.

With so much going on, unfortunately it seems like not much is happening. The machinery is put into motion and it seems that we are getting somewhere, but it is possible that this attack on titan chapter 77 leave us with a certain filling aftertaste without too many emotions.

Without giving you spoilers, it is true that this rhythm goes right back to the end, since they have saved the fireworks for the last moment and once again they leave us with a shocking moment and a pretty fat cliffhanger for the next chapter, since Eren’s plans could have an unexpected setback.

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We still have 10 more episodes left until the end of this fourth and final season. This episode has served us to create strategies and that the characters finally get going. so hopefully some of these plans come to fruition in the next episode.

Also tell you, that although in principle the new episodes of Attack the titans are only available for Premium users, after a few days all Crunchyroll users can see them with the rest of the anime.