Dead by Daylight: 10 awesome Attack on Titan skins added to the game and a free Charm to claim now

The fans of The attack of the Titans impatiently awaiting the end of the anime adaptation, scheduled for 2023. Until then, the license continues to live, especially in the video game world: a collaboration had taken place with Call of Duty: Vanguardnow makes way for a large-scale partnership with Dead by Daylight.

There will be so 10 exclusive outfits inspired by Shingeki no Kyojin to buy in the shop, based on key characters: you will be able to unlock a skin ofEren for Dwight Fairfieldone of Mikasa for Yui Kimuraone of Levi for Jake Parka D’Anne for Meg Thomasa D’Armin for Felix Richtera D’History for Kate Densonone of hange for Zarina Kassirione of Kenny for Ace Viscontione of Battleship Titan for The Oniand one of Titan Hammer of Weapons for The mind. The 8 outfits of survivors will be classified Very Rare and those of Killer as Ultra Rare.

“The visuals and story of this legendary anime have had a significant effect on many of us and we are thrilled to introduce cosmetic items from this critically acclaimed universe,” said Dave Richard, Creative Director for Dead. by Daylight. “This is one of the most extensive Collections with 10 Outfits designed for Slayers and Survivors. Our approach to bringing the iconic 2-D design from the anime into our 3-D universe was quite a challenge as we wanted to honor the original art direction while staying true to the essence of Dead by Daylight. We are extremely proud of this Collection and hope that fans will enjoy it to the fullest. »

“When we develop cosmetic items in the game, we consider each Outfit as an opportunity to tell a story. Outfits are visual representations of legend and history unique to each character,” says Xavier Etchepare, Art Director for Dead by Daylight. “The Attack on Titan Collection is the fruit of an astonishing marriage between realities and genres. We wondered how our characters would react on Paradise Island. Who would they most resemble? »

“An Outfit is like a polaroid – a moment in the life of an immortalized character. We delved deep into each character’s past so that the Outfit best reflects their values ​​and emotions,” says Rose Li, Project Manager responsible for the in-game store. “For example, Historia’s jacket, as worn by Kate, was chosen to reflect her kindness, as she is worn in the anime to visit an orphanage. We had lots of other outfit options for Kate, but we wanted to reflect that intrinsic value she shares with Historia Reiss. The Collection is full of similar details. »

The costumes will a priori be available ad vitam æternam in the shop, but promotions will be applied until July 26, 2022 to launch the operation. Four charms otherwise exclusive will be gradually unlocked when a certain number of outfits from the collection are obtained: theExploration Battalion crestI’Badge of the Special BrigadesI’Garrison Crest and the Titan Wall Charm. For any connection at this time, you can also get the free Training Brigades Crest Charm.

The players of Dead by Daylight fans of AOT will have a hard time not cracking… Latecomers can get the title from €25.99 on

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