Dead by Daylight announces new collaborations with Resident Evil… and Attack on Titan!

It’s been six years since he left Dead by Daylightan original asymmetric multiplayer game inspired by slasher-type horror movies or with monsters that hunt their victims one by one. Four players cooperate to survive and escape the map, while the hunter chases after them.

The idea has inspired many games like Predator Hunting Grounds, the future of Ghostbusters or the newly released Evil Dead: The Game (interestingly, Ash Williams was one of the Dead by Daylight collaborators).


Dead by Daylight Volume 10: Devotion – Trailer

Today, the Behavior Interactive study has carried out a presentation for the sixth anniversary detailing the news of his Year 7. Between readjustments to the progression system (they promise less grinding) and improving Quality of Life, new and interesting collaborations have been confirmed.

The most surprising is collaboration with Attack on Titan, a selection of 10 skins inspired by the popular anime series that just ended. They have only shown these three skins (with concept art), but there will be ten in total.

Unfortunately, these are only character skins: Dwight as Eren, Zarina as Hange, and The Oni as the Armored Titan. It doesn’t look like there will be a monster inspired by Attack on Titan… but can you imagine a titan as a hunter?

But there is room for another confirmed collaboration this season. Again, a chapter with Resident Evil. After including Leon, Jill and Nemesis Previously, Dead by Daylight will receive more characters from the unrevealed Capcom series. It has only been seen in a teaser called Resident Evil: PROJECT W.

Before that, on June 7, a new chapter will be released, The Roots of Deadfeaturing an original character and a new killer, The Dredge (a mass of darkness capable of teleportation) and a new survivor, Haddie Kaur (via WCFTech).

Beyond the collaborations, which will come out this year on an unconfirmed date, Behavior has detailed in his web page changes to the progress system.

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From now on, if you raise the prestige level of a character, survivor or hunter, all other characters will receive the following levels. They promise that this system will reduce “grinding” in the game, and make it easier to upgrade characters and their perks.

Other changes are QOL (Quality of Life)with visual improvements in the menus to make them more readable, streamer mode (which will hide your name and that of your group on the screen) or an incentive for matchmaking, which will grant a bonus to the points obtained by the screen for joining a role that needs to be filled.