Dead by Daylight announces second chapter of Resident Evil and crossover with Attack on Titan

Behavior Interactive has announced the second chapter of the collaboration with Resident Evil and a new crossover with Attack the titans, one of the most popular manganime in recent years. The study shared this information during the celebration of an event for the 6th anniversary of horror asymmetric multiplayer (goes VG247), where it was also revealed hooked on youan dating simulator with the killers of the game. The first chapter with the characters of resident Evil it came along with the fifth anniversary celebration and added Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine as survivors and Nemesis as the killer.

The second chapter of resident Evil receives the name of Project W and, despite the fact that the trailer does not show too many clues to be able to guess which characters will be included, everything points to the villain Albert Wesker could be one of the chosen ones. As in the previous chapter, it is expected that a series of iconic characters from Capcom’s legendary horror franchise will be added in this one, in addition to some scenario that is very dear to the players (in the first episode the famous Police Department was included). of Raccoon City of Resident Evil 2).

Attack on Titan arrive with different cosmetics

As we mentioned at the beginning, in the future there will also be a collaboration with the work of Hajime Isayama. This new crossover has caught the attention of fans because this is the first time Dead by Daylight make a collaboration with an anime. It should be noted, however, that the collaboration consists only of cosmetics that the killers and the survivors will be able to wear to resemble some of the most famous characters in the play. At the moment the complete list of cosmetics that will reach the title is not known, although we know that Oni will have a skin of the Armored Titan, Dwight will be able to take the form of Eren and Zarina de Hange. We are waiting for more information on the dates on which these cosmetics will be launched.