Dead by Daylight Announces Upcoming Collaboration With Attack on Titan

Dead By Daylight confirmed that he will soon have one of his first collaborations with none other than the characters of Attack on Titan, and it is that some of the representatives of Behavior Interactive let us see the way in which the characters (and titans) of Hajime Isayama’s anime slipped into the video game.

It turns out that an event for the 6th anniversary of Dead By Daylight announcing various additions to be added to the first game in the series in the future. One of them are the following skins inspired by the characters and titans of Shingeki no Kyojin: Dwight will become Eren JaegerTsarina will inspire his new appearance in Hanji Zoe and The Oni will go through a metamorphosis that combines his appearance with the Armored Titan.

Here below we can already get an idea of ​​how the skins of Attack on Titan that will arrive soon Dead By Daylight, And that’s not all, since at Behavior Interactive they mention that this is only the tip of the iceberg within the collaboration, since they have planned a total of 10 skins inspired by the Titans series.

A Dead By Daylight they already knew him crossovers with universes like Silent Hill or even resident Evil (another of his collaborations for his 6th anniversary). However, this is his first collaboration with a franchise of anime, so hopefully AOT has just been the opening point for other series to this lightless world. What other anime do you think would make a good match with Dead By Daylight?

For its part, Attack on Titan has decided to tell the end of his story with a season finale part 3 anime, leaving until now a total of 87 episodes distributed in four seasons. Said season will return to television screens and platforms at some point next year.


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