Dead By Daylight: DBD x Attack on Titan Collab Will Include Ten Skins, Three Of Which Have Been Revealed So Far

HAS Dead By Daylight x Attack on Titan This collaboration was announced during the DBD 2022 6th Anniversary Livestream and three of AoT’s ten skins have been revealed so far.

Yesterday’s Anniversary 2022 livestream was fantastic. Along with confirming the leaks regarding the killer and survivor of chapter 24, he also shockingly announced a dating simulator named Hooked on You.

While the dating simulator is an exciting prospect, another shocker for fans to look forward to is a crossover with AOT.

Dead By Daylight x Attack On Titan Skins

BeHaviour Interactive has announced that there will be ten skins for the game Attack On Titan. Dead By Daylight and attack on titan collaboration.

The announcement was made during live stream of the 6th anniversary. only three DBD outfits inspired by AOT have been revealed so far and you can find the list below:

  • Dwight-Eren Yaeger
  • Zarina – Hange Zoë
  • Oni – Armored Titan

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any models yet. However, the livestream showed concept images to give a first look at what the finished skins should look like.

Dead by Daylight x Attack on Titan (6th anniversary stream) Dwight, Zarina and Oni #DeadbyDaylight #dbd #aot #AttackOnTitan

Explanation of the DBD x AoT crossover

the Dead By Daylight x attack on titan The crossover is not a chapter.

BeHaviour Interactive said during its livestream that ten skins for Killers and Survivors will be available in store. This means that the characters of AOT will not appear in the game, but DBD Survivors and killers will wear their portraits.

Although confusing, it can be assumed that BeHaviour wanted there to be five inspired outfits for killers and survivors for a grand total of ten.

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