Dead by Daylight skins based on Attack on Titan now available

Dead by Daylight, the popular asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, has made one of the most amazing crossovers in its history. can be bought today 10 skins based on Attack on Titanone of the most popular manganimes in recent years.

Dead by Daylight has a wide cast of original characters, this crossover with Attack on Titan does not add new characters, but rather adds alternative skins for existing characters that basically they transform them into Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Armin… or the armored titan.


Dead by Daylight – Attack on Titan

Unlike other crossovers, there are no new characters, monsters or maps here, but there are 10 skins that would almost pass for original characters. The surviving character skins are graded “Very Rare”, and the monster skins, for Oni and Spirit, are graded “Ultra Rare”.

These are the 10 outfits you will find in the in-game store:

  • The Oni: Armored Titan
  • The Spirit: Warhammer Titan
  • Dwight Fairfield: Eren’s Uniform
  • Yui Kimura: Mikasa’s uniform
  • Jake Park: Levi’s Uniform
  • Meg Thomas: Annie’s Uniform
  • Felix Richter: Armin’s Uniform
  • Kate Denson: History Uniform
  • Zarina Kassir: Hange’s Uniform
  • Ace Visconti: Kenny’s Uniform

The Behavior Entertainment team has taken great care to ensure that the anime “doppelgangers” of the Attack on Titan characters have many similarities, even adding details by looking at the stories of their original characters so that they have the same personality as the anime characters.

For example, the Story skin, which applies to Kate Densonhas a cape designed to “reflect his kindness”, as it is the one he wears when he visits an orphanage in the anime.

The big question that remains after the second part of the final season of Attack on Titan

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They’ve also put a lot of care into the two skins for the monsters, The Oni and The Ghost, reimagined as the Warhammer Titan and the Armored Titan.

The Attack on Titan collection in Dead by Daylight is one of the biggest they’ve done for Dead by Daylight. In the future there will be other collaborations with Resident Evil. Meanwhile, fans collected signatures to put new Stranger Things skinssince the ones that were available were removed from the game.