Dead By Daylight’s Attack On Titan Crossover Has Arrived


Dead by Deadlight launched its first animated crossover with the critically acclaimed show Attack on Titan. As part of the collaboration, 10 outfits inspired by Attack on Titan are now available for purchase in the asymmetrical survival horror game. From now until July 26, a special sale will take place on specific outfits and players will be able to unlock daily in-game rewards.

The collection includes eight very rare outfits for survivors and two ultra rare outfits for killers. All Survivor and Killer uniforms are direct references to events that happened in the anime/manga. Survivor outfits include:

  • Dwight Fairfield in Eern’s uniform
  • Yui Kimura in Mikasa’s uniform
  • Felix Richter in Armin’s uniform
  • Meg Thomas in Annie’s uniform
  • Zarina Kassir in Hanges uniform
  • Jake Park in a Levi’s uniform
  • Kate Denson in Historia uniform
  • Ace Visconti in Kenny’s uniform

Killer outfits will include:


  • Armored Titan outfit for the Oni
  • The War Hammer Titan outfit for The Spirit
Players can now dress up as their favorite Attack on Titan characters.


Players who log into Dead by Daylight will receive a Cadet Corps Crest pendant. Four other exclusive charms, such as the Scout Crest, Military Police Regiment Crest, Garrison Regiment Crest, and Wall Titan, will become available once a specific number of outfits are purchased from the in-game store.

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