Draw Itachi from Naruto with Attack on Titan style and it’s the best you’ll see today

We have already mentioned several times the cultural legacy that many Japanese works are leaving around the world. It is an ever-growing phenomenon, which began more than thirty years ago and is stronger than ever today. In fact, an anime that has been very present in the last 15 years in Spain would be that of Naruto, which, although it arrived somewhat late, did not take long to become a manga and reference anime for many people. That is why we are not surprised by the amount of current fan arts, such as this recent drawing by Itachi with an aesthetic that reminds Attack on Titan.

It is a work by reddit user davidfueleki, who has made an interesting portrait of the young Uchiha in ink on paper. Known in Naruto for being Sasuke’s older brother and a member of Akatsuki, in this portrait their actual physical attributes collide with those combined by Attack on Titan. In fact, while his facial features and sharingan eyes are unmistakable, part of his face shows bare muscle mass, as well as the terrifying dentures of titans like the one in Attack.

We also found more details related to Attack on Titan in this portrait of Itachi, like those marks around the eyes, typical of the union between person and titan, or that on the band of his forehead, instead of the symbol of Konoha, we found the emblem of the Corps of Scouts so well known of the saga. There is no doubt that if Itachi were a character in Attack on Titan, he would be a very relevant character and probably would have a Titan of his own. However, as this is not the case, the only possible resource is that of imagination traveling through magnificent fan arts like the one we have shown here.

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