Eren Jaeger: Hero or Villain in ‘Attack on Titan’

Activating the rumble on Attack the titans opened different gaps in relation to Eren jaeger. The protagonist of this story shakes some paradigms. Currently, inside powerful anime, is the most controversial figure. His demeanor can be seen as that of a hero while, if you take some distance, he can seem like an enemy of humanity. Is there a midpoint between these extremes or should you occupy one of them?

For much of the four seasons of Shingeki no Kyojin, the story told how the inhabitants of Paradis Island, marginalized Eldians, were abused by the various titans who approached their 50-meter-high walls. A people locked up, imprisoned, and seen from the outside as demons. There was no life beyond the walls, a symbolic wink that the anime of Hajime Isayama pull towards nazism and other historical movements that have fostered division within nations. It is in this context that Eren Jaeger grew up.

After seeing how a titan ate his mother, the protagonist’s childhood vanished. He started his career to be a part of the legion, the elite body in charge of killing titans. During this process, Eren Jaeger prepared himself with the normality of someone who goes to school to present tests on mathematics, with the war variant in the process. Then, the following key event in his story occurred: discovering that two of his companions were the titans who caused the death of his mother. Friends with hands full of blood.

A heroic construction that differs in some cases from the paradigm.

the hero’s path

Within the classic shonens adapted in anime format, the paradigm is dragon ball. Goku is a subject from a special race of warriors who, during the beginning of his story, goes through adventures until the first death of krillin. His journey is about getting stronger and stronger so he can deal with threats, at least during the canon adaptations. At all times, his role in the conflicts is clear: he is the good guy in the story.