Eren Jaeger: Hero or Villain in Shingeki No Kyojin?

If you are up to date with the anime of Attack the titansyou will be asking yourself many questions about Eren jaeger and what he is doing in these episodes. Is Eren a villain to use? Is he a hero? What has happened so that we have reached the situation that we have been able to see in the anime?

This evolution deserves a rigorous analysis of the character, his environment and the events of the story, which will lead us to understand this once and for all, although this will not prevent the division of opinions from continuing.

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The evolution of Eren Jaeger until the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin

Eren jaeger I was a little boy who lived in the paradise islandbetween enormous walls that protect the population from the titans. The Eldians Exiles thus suffer the punishment for their acts of 2,000 years ago, and are confined and marginalized, seen as demons in the eyes of the rest of the world.

That is in the historical context in which Eren grows up.a context that reminds us of events that occurred in the real world, which are closely linked to Nazism, or at least, that is what the creator of the story seems to want us to see.

Eren must sacrifice his childhood after seeing how his mother is devoured by a titan, and there he begins his hero’s path, although something dark, he joins the legion, the elite body that destroys the titans. In this process of the story, everything goes as normal, but the second turning point of his story comes when he discovers that two of his academy classmates are responsible for the death of his mother.

This is out of what we know as the path of the hero, that in the case of animes like Dragon Ball, Naruto or One Piece, our protagonists are the good ones, and that will always be clear, their duty is to improve and become stronger. .

Eren’s path in Attack on Titan

If in the aforementioned animes, the protagonists have a completely definitive hero role and there is no room for error. In the case of Eren, we are seeing how that label fades over time. Until this fourth and final season, Eren and her friends seemed like the “good guys in the movie”, but that has changed radically.

Why? We are shown several sides of the same coin through the marginalization and polarization of the great elites towards the different strata of society. And this can be seen through the stories of Zeke and Reiner, also Eldians, but from outside Paradis, they are the beast titan Y battleshipwho are villains in the first place, and now that has been turned around, giving us to understand that a story like the attack on titans is not binary, it is not black or white, there are many grays.

Zeke sided with Eren to end this war, but it went wrong.

Zeke told Eren his plan: to sterilize the Eldians so that over time, the problem of the titans in the world would disappear, a cruel plan, but despite everything, the most compassionate. Eren, however, ultimately chooses to activate “the rumble”, awakening the Titans within the walls and destroying all non-Eldians.

But in the process, they’re destroying Marley and Eldian soldiers alike, making companions like Armin Y my house start to doubt Eren.

For Eren, the end justifies the means.

Eren Jaeger lost his mother, discovered the betrayal of reinier Y Bertholdt, discovered the truth about his father, lost many friends along the way, and suffered all the misery of war. Obtaining the titan and everything he discovers afterwards makes him see himself as the chosen one to change all those things that are wrong, whatever the price. That is why Paradis is above everything and everyone.

Right nownobody recognizes the Eren Jaeger that we met at the beginning of the anime, which is commanding the colossal titans that march towards the rest of the world to crush it, in what for many is a new reference to Nazi symbology, with a color palette dark, highlighting red and black every time we see these titans advance.

To this must be added the division within his people, which lies between Jaegeristasfans who are part of the plan, and the rest of the Eldians, who do not see it as normal that in order to be defended they are losing their homes, family and friends, this is the doubt that we are also seeing in Armin and Mikasa, as in other characters, and it will make that in the next chapters we see quite rare alliances.

Eren Jaeger: Hero or Villain in Shingeki No Kyojin?

So what is Eren Jaeger: The good guy or the bad guy in this story?

If we carefully analyze the development From a character as complex as this, Eren was not born to save the world like other well-known anime protagonists. If not that he is the one chosen to save Paradis Island from threats, and the stories that he lives in that course, added to his physical and mental evolution, send us a message, yes, he is the hero of the story of the.

On the other hand, this is not the story that the creators of Shinkegi No Kyojin are capturing in the anime, since they are casting doubts on each and every one of the protagonist’s actions, through high-impact secondary images: Is his action justified?

He is avenging his mother, friends and allies, but, Was this what the Eldians wanted? Eren went from victim to abuser after gaining all that power, so in the eyes of the beholder, it is normal that he was, in the absence of knowing the outcome of this story, the true villain of the anime.

Without a doubt, this is one of the reasons why this product has become a cult anime for many in such a short time. What is it for you? Hero or villain? Leave us your opinion through Twitter!

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