Everything included in the Attack on Titan Mastercraft CoD Bundle

1645662179 762 Everything included in the Attack on Titan Mastercraft CoD Bundle

Image via Activision

Following the previous fan-favorite collaboration with Attack On Titans, Activision recently announced that Call Of Duty Warzone and Vanguard will be releasing another bundle that will bring new anime cosmetics to the game. The Armored Titan Mastercraft Bundle is now available for players to purchase in Warzone and Vanguard Store.

Players will receive approximately 10 unique Attack On Titans themed cosmetic items from the Armored Titan Mastercraft Pack. The pack can be purchased for 2,400 COD Points, and it also includes a double XP token that players can use to level up. The Legendary Armored Titan Operator Skin will feature Roland Zeiment in this bundle. The following list includes everything in the Attack on Titan Mastercraft Bundle:

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1645662179 405 Everything included in the Attack on Titan Mastercraft CoD BundleScreenshot by Pro Game Guides

  • Anti-Personnel – Epic Handgun Blueprint
  • Armored Force – Ultra AR Blueprint
  • Armored Titan – legendary skin
  • Colossus – Legendary Sniper Blueprint
  • 2XP Token
  • Die-Urnal – Watch
  • Paradise Lost – Emblem
  • Thunder Spears – Calling Card
  • Titan Serum – Charm
  • Unstoppable Force – Highlighted Operator Overview
  • Wall Titan – Vaporizer

These new anime skins have been released to celebrate the upcoming epic conclusion of the Attack On Titans series. The handgun model is inspired by Kenny the Ripper’s weapon, while the AR Blueprint Armored Strength model will depict the skeletal flesh of a Titan with red tracers.

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