Everything that is known today about the end of Attack on Titan

It has been a long way to go through the entire story of Attack on Titan, finally the anime is going to conclude with the second part of its fourth season, which is going to be released shortly. The first part has left us with incredible events that many fans did not expect and that are increasingly shocking. (SPOILERS below).

Eren Jaeger is already very close to fulfilling his objectives, since he already has several Titans in his control, a power that he will use together with Zeke to create a war that will put many lives at stake. At the end of this first part (episode 75) There are several internal and external conflicts, culminating mainly with the infiltration of Piek and Porco in Paradis, where they try to get Gabi back, but these are discovered by Eren and a great battle begins between Eldia and Marley, but what will happen after this? In the following information we will explain how Attack on Titan ends, we remind you that below there are great SPOILERS.

What are Eren Jaeger’s goals in Attack on Titan?

Eren y Zeke Jaeger

As has been seen in this fourth season, Zeke has rebelled against Marley and has joined forces with Eren to carry out a much bigger plan than everyone thought. Thanks to the Jeagerists, the group of soldiers from Marley and Eldia who want these characters to fulfill their objectives, Zeke and Eren have been able to take several steps in this process, a plan better known as the “Eldian Euthanasia”, created primarily by Tom Xaver, the former Beast Titan. This consists mainly of making Eren Jaeger able to activate the Founder Titan’s Coordinate power to the maximum so that the Eldians stop reproducing and the power of the Titans is extinguished once and for all.

However, apparently Eren Jaeger has Greater ambitions with Titan power, as due to the psychological problems they have been manifesting, his attitude is a bit more unpredictable, even for Zeke. Eren has been acting on his own and it’s possible have your plan change drastically to accomplish one of the things he has always wanted, to annihilate the entire world for his thirst for revenge. This is something that he has promised since season one, and if he manages to unlock Ymir Fritz’s power, he will do so without a hitch.

How does Attack on Titan end?

Attack the titans
Giant transformation of Eren and his army of Titans in Attack on Titan

The end of Attack on Titan is linked by the famous event known as the Rumble of the Earth, which is a power interpreted as a kind of apocalypse for humanity in Shingeki no Kyojin. Eren and Zeke are going to keep their plan in place, and finally they manage to meet on Paradis Island when the war against Marley breaks out in Shiganshina. Despite the dire circumstances in which they find themselves, both carry out the mission, Eren with the Founding Titan using Zeke’s royal blood get the Coordinate power to be activated and proceed to summon Ymir Fritz.

At first, Eren follows Zeke’s initial guidelines, Zeke asks Ymir to sterilize all the Eldians so that the curse of the Titans will stop and there will be no more wars, no Titans. Ymir Fritz emerges and sets off to make that happen without any opposition, thus continuing the slavery for which he has been tied to the royal blood for over 2000 years. Just when she is about to fulfill Zeke’s wish, Eren stops her by coming into contact with her. This caused all the secrets and the history of the origins of the curse of the Titans to be revealed to Eren Jaeger.

In this way, Eren realizes slavery and abuse Ymir Fritz has suffered since she was just a child when he was alive. As expected, Eren reacts to injustice in an impulsive way as he always has, and decides to let himself be carried away by revenge asking Ymir to change the plans giving him all his power so that, may he free her from her bondage annihilating everyone in its path. According to the protagonist, it is the only way that wars will stop and Ymir can rest in peace.

Ymir Fritz listens to him in detail and agrees with him activating the Rumble of the Earth, which causes an army of Colossal Titans to be summoned (the ones on the walls of Paradis). Eren achieves his final form of Titan combining the powers of the Titans that he has obtained and merging with the founder Ymir Fritz, thus becoming a creature never seen with more than a kilometer in height, a skeletal body and terrifying face. From this moment the final war begins where humans from various nations join forces to face the army of the Titans and their great leader Eren Jaeger.

What happens after the final war of Attack on Titan?

Attack the titans
Titans becoming human again in Attack on Titan

SPOILERS from the end of Shingeki no Kyojin. While the humans fight with all their might to prevent Eren from annihilating the world, Mikasa advances across the battlefield to reach him. When he does, he enters the Founding Titan and confronts Eren, achieving cut off his head for the war to stop. Before this, Eren made the Eldians they will recover the memory that they had lost and tried to explain to them why he had done all this, since if he had not created chaos, he would not have been able to help the world to stop the wars.

From this moment, the Titans became human again and the Eldians were freed from Ymir’s curse, so there are no longer Shifting Titans and there will be no Eldians in the future who can inherit this kind of power. History Reiss takes control again From Paradis, she has her daughter, and the Marley soldiers join her, as do the Jaegerists. 3 years later the peace is maintained, many soldiers leave, and Mikasa continues to visit Eren Jaeger’s grave, always remembering everything she did for Eldia.

When does the second part of the fourth season of Attack on Titan premiere?

Attack the titans
Ymir’s tree in Attack on Titan

In the anime it is very possible that the end of the manga is adapted as we have explained, since in previous seasons the story has been maintained. However, as has happened on several occasions, it is thought that there may be slight changes in the plot during this end of Attack on Titan. The second part of the fourth season is going to be launched in winter 2022. Meanwhile, you can catch up by reviewing todos los capítu los de Shingeki no Kyojin.