Everything we know about Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 (SNK)

Javier Marso

The anime’Shingeki No Kyojin’ is nearing the end with part 3 to its season 4, which took fans by surprise! It will be available soon and will conclude the last Arc.

The phenomenon of The attack of the TitansWhere Attack on Titan as the Anglo-Saxons call it, is today one of the most popular anime in the world. From the original manga SNK ‘Shingeki No Kyojin’this series is coming to an end and the current last season (season 4) will have part 3.

Attack on Titan season 4 part 3: release date

The third part of season 4 of SNK will be released in 2023. We don’t know if it will mark the end of the anime or if a part 4 will also be on the program, knowing that season 4 is indeed the last… but that part 2 should have already marked the end.

No doubt Netflix is ​​also looking to acquire the rights, but only the first 2 seasons of the anime’SNK‘ Attack on Titan is currently available on Netflix ! Anyway, the announcement was accompanied by some criticism since it ultimately leaves little time for artists to create this final part highly anticipated. Off, a few weeks ago, a director of the anime denounced a cruel rhythm. For example, he could go up to 3 days without returning home!

Attack on Titan: part 3 for season 4, who will adapt the last 9 chapters?

The anime from the manga will follow the end of it, since the original work ends with an explosive Finale full of nostalgia. The series will therefore conclude after this final season 4, divided into three (or four) parts.

Note that all is not lost after the end of the anime: aware of the huge success of the franchise SNK, rights holders could launch an animated film At the movie theater…with new original and canon stories! But for the anime indeed, there are only 9 chapters of the manga left to adapt. Which will give between 6 and 7 episodes, even 8 by stretching a little bit. Not enough to hold two more games!

SNK season 4 PART. 3: what we know about the last part

Whilewe thought that season 4 would end at the end of this part 2, it is not so. Part 3 is on the program and it will have the mission of adapting the last 9 chapters of the manga. After these 9 chapters, there is simply no more original content, thus presaging an ultimate part in this last season.

The whole thing will punctuate the end of the story of Eren Jäger and the other characters of SnK and will sadden fans all over the world. Before this sadness however, part 2 of season 4 proposes to discover the events up to story chapter 131with its share of twists between the Mahrs and the Eldians in particular.

In 2021, at the time of the release of part 2 of season 4 of Attack on Titan, the director yuichiroHayashi had left himself to a few words to present the anime until today. Produced under the aegis of the Mappa studio (which also prepares the arrival of Chainsaw Man and movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0), this season 4 promises heavy:

From the full-scale battle in the Shiganshina district to the Titan’s origin story, we are finally approaching the climax. We are also taking on many new challenges in terms of images. How will this scene be visualized… Look forward to it!


‘Attack on Titan’: season 4 on Netflix?

Like previous seasons, this new season of the anime will first be available exclusively on Crunchyroll, before expanding after a few months. Part 2 of season 4 is still under an exclusive contract, but it could soon join Netflix.

In the case of part 3, it will therefore be necessary to wait at least 2024 or 2025 before seeing it land on the platform streaming Netflix.

If you like manga and anime The attack of the Titans, there will be many small bonuses that will accompany the release that should please you. The creator of the manga hajimeisayama has always expressed his wish to stop the work but it could well take other forms after his departure!

An orchestral concert was for example organized with dubbers from the anime in gueststar, while plans for a third video game would be launched. In short, a bright future for manga and its universe, even if it could no longer be articulated in the formats used so far!