Fan finds connection between Attack on Titan and The Simpsons? – Senpai

We know that The Simpson They have always been above everything, with a show that for decades has been in charge of predicting the future over and over again, both in real life and in fiction, say series and movies, hence the famous phenomenon of “The Simpsons did it first”, although what is also true is that we would never have imagined that the work of Matt Groening could have a connection with a series as distant as it is Attack on Titan.

The connection in question that shows once again that the adventures of Homer Simpson are always a little ahead of literally everything, has to do with a rather particular scene in the anime inspired by the work of Hajime Isayama where Ymir recounts that time she fell asleep 60 years as a titan to later wake up in the “Mysterious Land”.

The comparison is made with a curiously similar scene from the movie The Simpson where Homer falls asleep in the snow only to wake up to what looked like a northern lights that took the form of the “shaman” who helped him return to Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie.

The video titled “The Simpsons did it first: Attack on Titan Edition” It was shared on the Reddit ShingekiNoKyojin forum and as you can see, there is a lot of literal similarity in both scenes, although obviously with a totally different tone, but in terms of their meaning they are also quite similar.

The funny thing here is that in both the manga and the manga and the anime of Attack on Titan they left after the movie The Simpson premiered in 2007. While the first publication of SNK happened in the year 2009, the second season of the animated series to which the Ymir scene in question belongs came out in 2017.

This just makes it clear that The Simpson They did it first, although of course, there is little or no chance that Isayama was inspired by this scene from Homer Simpson.

What did you think of this connection between Attack on Titan Y The Simpson?


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