Final Fantasy 16 brought the perfect summon change | Pretty Reel

Square Enix has improved Summons in Final Fantasy 16 by giving them greater prominence in the story and adding Kaiju-style battles.

Square Enix shook things up with their portrayal of summons in Final Fantasy 16 by changing the series’ established tropes. Summons in other Final Fantasy games are portrayed as aloof characters who seem to offer help in the heat of the moment and leave soon after, such as in Final Fantasy 15, where Noctis will summon Astrals to deliver a powerful attack before disappearing. For FF16, Square Enix decided to put a different spin on summons by increasing the importance of summons in the story and giving them engaging combat.

FF16 will follow the story of Clive Rosfield, who lives in a world shaped by the Eikons and their Dominants. The Final Fantasy 16 website and trailers have revealed many details regarding the state of Valisthea, and it looks like a major war is about to break out with the Eikons and their Dominants at the center of the storm. imminent. Clive will no doubt be drawn into the conflict as he tries to find and kill the perpetrators of his brother’s death, in what appears to be a grim Final Fantasy adventure.

Summons will have major roles in the story of Final Fantasy 16

FF16’s story will focus heavily on Eikons, especially since many of the game’s main characters are Dominants who can wield the power of Eikons, turning them into weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately, in Final Fantasy 16, Dominant summons have to play a diabolical bargain as they have to sacrifice their lifespan to use the power of the Eikons. Clive will face this dilemma as he will be forced to use his Eikon’s power repeatedly to defeat his enemies, and he must decide if his revenge is worth cutting his life short.

Final Fantasy 16 will feature Kaiju-style summon battles

Unlike many Final Fantasy games where players cannot control the summoning action, FF16 will feature kaiju-style battles between Eikons. The FF16 trailers have shown several instances of the Eikons clashing and using their godlike powers to defeat each other. Some even compare Final Fantasy 16 to Attack on Titan as both feature battles between giants.

Unfortunately, it looks like players won’t be able to turn Clive into Eikon whenever they want because Eikon battles will be tied to the story. Luckily, however, players can still use a fraction of the Eikons’ power for the rest of the game. Clive has been seen using multiple Eikons powers, such as Phoenix, Titan, Garuda, and more. Final Fantasy 16 will be released next year, and players will finally be able to witness the summon-centric story and control the Eikons in battles of epic proportions.