First look at the Attack on Titan musical

something that in Japan It is already customary, it is to organize different plays based on anime franchises, they usually use very popular properties such as dragonball, One Piece, Naruto And till evangelion. And now, who will have their turn to shine is Attack on Titan, saga that is currently on hiatus with the latest wave of chapters coming later.

To celebrate this upcoming show, a small promotional trailer has been released showing us how the cast is in sync to perform different iconic scenes from the manga. This with costumes that are very faithful to the original project, so fans of the series could dress up as the performance, although those who don’t enjoy the songs won’t have a great time.

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Please take a look at the scene of the trainees performing the “rite of passage”

For each performance, there are same-day exchange ticket sales and same-day tickets. Delayed delivery of the first two will also start from 18:00 today ※ This video is a panoramic version.

The musical was announced last year and launched in Osaka starting on January 7. The show will continue until the end of January with performances scheduled in Tokyo. The musical’s cast includes Kurumu Okamiya as Eren, while Sara Takatsuki and Eito Konishi handle Mikasa and Armin. Oh, and Ryo Matsuda for the role of Levi.

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Editor’s note: It has always struck me that almost every Shonen Jump anime gets its own musical work, I would have liked to see one of One Piece for example. In short, they are strange things that one would like to witness.